Welcome to the U.S.S. Artemis!

"I was told once that this ship isn't like other ships, and you know what? It's not. It seems to attract trouble like it's looking for it, but it also breeds a remarkable sense of strength and ingenuity into the crew that live here. We don't have much of the frills or fancy stuff that the prettier ships get, but we always get the job done. We take care of our own. We protect the Federation. But it's a hard life, and that's not for everyone. This ship... She'll make you, or she'll break you. Either way, you'll never be the same."
--Captain Brynhild Kleim, SD241804.10

In 2406, the USS Artemis was commissioned as a border patrol vessel. The name was born upon the updated Akira-II tactical carrier, and outfitted with a number of experimental systems to help keep the Federation border protected. From day one, she was a ship without many frills but with a lot of fight.

Then...during the the Federation Civil War in late 2413, the USS Artemis just disappeared.

Now, she's been found again. Discovered abandoned in an asteroid field in 2417, with no clue as to what happened in the meantime.

The Federation does not have the luxury of putting aside working vessels, and so the Artemis has been brought home. The mystery remains and they will always look for the answers, but now a mix of old crew and new has been brought together to take her back out to the border. To once again keep the Federation safe.

Latest Mission Posts

» SD241804.22 || Joint Duty Log || "You Again?"

Mission: Ab Antiquo
Posted on Mon Apr 23rd, 2018 @ 12:01am by Captain Brynhild Kleim & Commander Grey McArnh

They were breeding.

Brynhild looked at one stack of padds on the left corner of her desk and then a matching stack on the right corner. She would have sworn, just minutes ago, that there weren't so many...so the only possible explanation was that they were breeding. She had metallic…

» SD241804.22 || Joint Personal Log || "I Need a Drink" [Part Two]

Mission: Ab Antiquo
Posted on Sun Apr 22nd, 2018 @ 6:14pm by Lieutenant Shinandra Alleir & Major S Pilgrim

Pilgrim downed his tequila, and as the intense warmth quickly spread through his chest he sucked on the slice of lime. "Oh, how that hits the spot." he said. "It's been a pretty hard spell we've been through. I am a Marine, I'm used to hard. But, I'm not used…

» SD241804.20 || Joint Personal Log || "Silver Sulking"

Mission: Ab Antiquo
Posted on Fri Apr 20th, 2018 @ 2:52pm by Artemis & Lieutenant Commander Terrik A'nahara

Artemis was sulking.

The AI's holo-emitters throughout the ship had been deemed "low priority" by the engineers from Earth Spacedock and she could see their point, but it meant that those repairs were a long time in coming and so she was limited in where she could go throughout the…

» SD241804.19 || Joint Duty Log || "Finger on the Pulse"

Mission: Ab Antiquo
Posted on Fri Apr 20th, 2018 @ 3:20am by Captain Brynhild Kleim & Lieutenant Cohen Bram

Brynna didn't mind going to sickbay when it had nothing to do with her own medical needs. Like every captain ever, it seemed, you had to tie her to a herd of wild horses to drag her to sickbay when it came time for her physical, but if it didn't…

» SD241404.16 | Joint Duty Log | "Pilot's Conclave"

Mission: Ab Antiquo
Posted on Tue Apr 17th, 2018 @ 3:24am by Ensign Aemyah "Mantis" & Commander Andrea Malone

=/\= Begin Joint Log =/\=

Spitfire could have been in New Orleans, visiting her mothers. She should have been enjoying shore leave, but she was on the Artemis because the old Rangers were about to be removed to make way for the new Valks. Mac and her would oversee the…