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Commander Andrea Malone

Name Andrea 'Paks' Malone

Position Wing Commander

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 155
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue


Mother Jodie & Gretta Malone
Brother(s) Patrick - deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Paks is quiet and reserved when she first meets someone, but once she calls someone friend, she loosens up and shows a more relaxed, outgoing side. She stands by her friends through thick and thin. In other words, she has a fierce loyalty to those she considers friend or family. Once you're on her friends list, you can look for her to watch your back in any tough situation.

Personal History Andrea "Paks" Malone is known to everyone around her as Paks. Few aside from her mothers have earned the right to call her by her given's a high honor for her to allow someone to call her Andrea.

Paks started her Star Fleet career as a Fighter Pilot, joining Renegade squadron of the Death Stalkers, a wing posted to a deep space star base. She proved herself well enough to eventually become SCO of the Renegades, and her leadership skills were put to the test when she was ordered to do a sweep of an asteroid field to clear out hostile bandits who'd been plaguing the system. What should have been a routine sweep turned into an ambush which saw the loss of over half of Paks's squadron. Even Paks was severely injured when damage she took caused one of her panels to explode. The mishap left a deep gash from her forehead across her right eye, damaging it beyond repair, and part of her right cheek. Part of her recovery saw her fitted with an operating prosthetic eye.

Recovery was not a simple matter, as a investigation was launched into the mission. The panel, headed by a very close friend to a flag officer who's son died in the ambush, found Paks negligent for the losses her squad took, and clipped her wings. When the panel took away Paks's wings, they took away her passion. She was on medical leave undergoing intense physical therapy to get back into flying fit shape, and the verdict was a huge blow. A medic helping her with rehab thought to help Paks, though her way of helping saw Paks become addicted to pain killers.

A close friend performed a solo intervention, and managed to help Paks come clean, but the former pilot had no direction. The same friend suggested the Marine Corps, and Paks couldn't think of a reason why not. She entered boot camp, graduated, and became a ground pounder, where she proved herself a leader as a NonCom. Her superiors pushed for her to become a Marine officer. With the encouragement came the realization that the Corps hadn't clipped her wings, so Paks applied, and was accepted as a Marine pilot.

Transferring from Air group to air group, Paks was a wandering pilot for some time. During one of her transfer layovers, she found herself involved (seduced by) with the wrong woman. She encountered the woman's jealous husband, who happened to be a Marine General. The resulting altercation saw Paks transfered back to the naval side of things, and a loss in rank to Lt. JG.

The turn of events saw Paks transferred to the Artemis, where she finally found a home. She found friends in her flight-mates, and even romance with her wing-mate, Bo'van "Snake" Maya. Soon after the two became involved, Paks was made SCO for Ranger squadron, and Flight One of Ranger squadron hung out together almost constantly. Paks couldn't ask for anything more.

One mission saw the Artemis trying to break up a pirate ring located on an unstable moon called Graaz. Snake was grounded, so Paks flew on Dixie's wing (the CAG). The mission saw Paks crash land on the moon's surface, and taken into custody by some of the very pirates the Artemis was trying to capture. The pirates were none too kind to Paks, and she sustained a head injury that saw her prosthetic eye destroyed.

Fortunately for Paks, Dixie wasn't one to leave his wingmate behind. He managed to rescue her, and get her back to the Artemis where she had her injuries healed...including getting her prosthetic eye replaced. During her recovery, Paks and Snake spent a great deal of time together, and saw their relationship deepen.

Time heals all wounds, and before long, Paks was back in the cockpit in time for the Jallasco mission which saw the Rangers and Furies escorting Marine transports to Jallasco. Just before they arrived at their destination, the convoy was ambushed. The fight was fast and furious, and one of the bandits got the drop on her. Spitfire was one of the best pilots in the Silver Arrows, but she couldn't shake the bandit when he got lock and fired. Snake made the ultimate sacrifice as she slipped her bird behind Ranger One, causing the torp to lock on to her. The explosion destroyed Ranger Two, and killed Snake in the process.

Spitfire didn't have time to think or grieve as the fighting was still thick as ever. She put on a brave front for the rest of the mission, stamping down what emotions wanted to erupt to the surface.

It was at Jallasco that Spitfire met Amelia "Nightshade" Elder, a Marine pilot who flew Lancer Two. She ended up flying Paks's wing for the rest of the mission, and the pair flew as if they'd been flying together for years. There was a natural grace between the two that seemed uncanny. Nightshade became Spitfire's permanent wingmate after Jallasco, when the Lancers were disbanded, and Dixie invited her to fly with the Silver Arrows.

Once back on the Artemis, Paks didn't deal well with her greif for Snake. Diablo, a friend prior to Jallasco, became a close friend and confidante to Paks in the weeks and months following the conflict. Diablo, Nightshade and Dixie all kicked Paks in the rear, making her deal with the emotional fallout from her loss. It wasn't an easy time for Paks, but she saw it through.

As time progressed, and Paks continued to heal, her friendship with Diablo deepened. Neither pilot was particularly good at recognizing that their feelings for one another had changed and deepened. It took facing death after a bar fight for Paks to understand the depth of her feelings for Diablo (though Diablo wasn't available initially since she was involved with Taliano, the Captain.) Finally, the pair confessed their feelings (after Des and Diablo broke up), and then began seeing one another. Neither woman wanted to rush into anything, so they took it slow, though there was no denying the chemistry between the pair.

Life was never dull on the Artemis, and the high stress environment could take its toll on everyone, and Diablo was not exempt. Paks returned to her quarters to find a note from her lover simply saying, "Sorry." Paks distanced herself and focused on what she knew she was good at: flying. Time passed, more missions happened, until the ship was back in the Sol system for down time.

Paks found herself at a cafe in San Francisco where she saw a familiar face: Diablo. The two reconnected, and Paks resigned her commission. Things were good for a while, but Paks felt Diablo grow distant. She came home one evening to another "Sorry" note and Diablo was gone.

With the civil war having thinned the ranks so dramatically, Starfleet approached Paks to see if she'd consider returning to active duty. Since she had nothing tying her to Earth, she agreed and was given orders to head to Earth Spacedock for her next assignment. She knew she'd be WCO, but had no idea what ship. She hoped she wouldn't have to wait long to find out the exact details of her next assignment.