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Lieutenant Shinandra Alleir

Name Shinandra Alleir

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 1.6m
Weight 57kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown


Personality & Traits

General Overview Both as a child and adult, she’s always been intelligent and creative, although both were stifled in her youth. She was rebellious of the intentions of her family and this led her to run away and pursue her own life, so she finds a very solid amount of independence in her nature, though her chief concern in life is taking care of others and the pursuit of what she thinks as right, even if might not be 'proper.'

Personal History In the ending years of the twenty-second century, a group of colonists traveled from Earth in a small convoy of spaceships. They were far from advanced, but were able to accommodate them on this trip to the unknown. They came from many different cultures and heritages, but shared the single goal of wishing to create a new society. Eventually, due to the speed at which they could travel and the poor state of their ships, they arrived in the Beta Quadrant some years after leaving Earth. The name of the planet was Erris II. It was unpopulated by any humanoid life forms and was Class M: ideal for starting New Babel Colony. It was named this not for its prophecy, but for the ‘melting pot’ that it was made of. In due time, a matriarchal ruling class was established, as was the rest of the colony. While they did not shun technology, they did aim to use it as little as possible. Technology was most often seen when new blood came to this small planet and colony and wished to become a part of it.

In 2343, Innendoah Nassotavia Alleit Alleir, the granddaughter of Alleit Alleir--one of the longest ruling queens of New Babel Colony--was on the throne. She gave birth to a daughter, who was blessed as crown princess and deigned to take the throne when she reached the age of nineteen. She was baptized into their religion and ruling family as Shinandra Innendoah Nassotavia Alleit Alleir. She had the dark complexion that spoke of her family’s Romani heritage. Her parents would have two more children, but both were boys, so she was slated to rule in her mother’s place upon reaching her nineteenth birthday.

To this end, she was well-educated in language, politics, history, religion, and anything else that her family thought would be useful to her in ruling, including the art of fortune telling, as brought in from one of the many cultures that now made up New Babel. Her father, on the other hand, noticed a spark in his daughter that was distinctly non-princess-like and encouraged it. He trained her in the ancient arts of combat, including the art of Meerha--the combat of her people. He also helped her learning in literature of many other cultures and in science.

However, Shinandra was not satisfied with the thought of taking the throne. On the night before her nineteenth birthday, she rebelled. She cut off the long hair that was the symbol of her place in their society. Her mother disowned her that night. Her father and two younger brothers helped her to get off the colony and into space in an old shuttle-like craft that had not been used by the colony in years--for why would they wish to speak to the outside world?--but still worked.

It was trial by fire. With the little basic knowledge of the science of engineering that her father had been able to give her, she managed to make it to Earth. In that long time, she learned the art of survival and that you did what you had to.

On Earth, she sought to study medicine. She managed to attain a scholarship to a university, having tested eligible to join. In her studies, she excelled. It was the first time in her life that she had been able to utilize her full intellect. Outside of her studies, however, was another story entirely. While never directly rebellious, she had a habit of not paying attention to those rules she didn’t see the point in. Curfews meant little to her, especially given the age of most of the students at the school, but they were imposed due to the fact that many lived on campus. Rules against areas restricted by time and experimentation in one’s room didn’t mean much to her either. She did not obey rules just because they were called that, however her strict adherence to common sense kept her out of serious troubles. Never committing any grievous offenses and with the grades she had, the trouble she got in to never amounted to anything as serious as expulsion. As long as she was in school, she never cared much for the trouble she got in to.

She was also cited in all her final reports from teachers and administrators as very skilled in the medical field, but touchy on the ethics sector. Answers given on her exams and practical applications showed a temperament to do anything necessary for the patient, even if it violated rules. This ‘excess of care’ however was very prevalent in her will to help others and her generally happy nature was infectious, so that despite these reports, she didn’t get bad opinions of those teachers she was students of. She graduated a year early and at the age of twenty-three, she could call herself 'Doctor.'

Possessed by this desire to help people, she traveled with a medical group to the colony Mortigo. This colony was the ‘retirement’ colony of many men and women who worked in the mines of nearby Relec and were stricken by a variety of lung disease. Healing on this world was creativity and prayer, a lot of prayer to the god of her people to help her find ways to help cure them or ease their pain. The medical personnel lived under the rule that you did what you had to. She lived and worked there for three years.

At the age of twenty-six, she decided that she could do more by joining Starfleet. She applied to the Academy and was accepted. Her history from medical school repeated itself at the Academy. At twenty-nine, she graduated and was accepted on to a medical vessel, where she would attain the ranks of ensign and lieutenant, junior grade. She got better at not being caught ignoring those certain rules, although she still didn’t follow them. (She was fond of Romulan Ale, for instance.) She was an intelligent, creative, and useful member of the crew, and was never questioned too thoroughly.

On her next posting, however, things got a little more serious. She had just been granted the rank of lieutenant on the starbase on which she was serving as a general practioner. She had been known on both posts as being able to do so much for her patients, even though they didn’t always know how she managed. She had always been creative. It was a child, though… She didn’t see many children on the medical vessel, and like many typical female humans, the sight of child as ill as this one touched her somewhere deeper and more painful.

This child was struck with a fatal and degenerative disease by the name of Kalor’s Syndrome. It causes the patient great pain and also deformity. There are known treatments that lessen the pain, but there is no least, no cure sanctioned by Starfleet. As the original strain began in the Orion culture, the only known substance, Kalinzine, which can possibly cure the disease, is available from the Orion Syndicate’s black market. Shinandra knew this, and she also knew that it was more than controversial, it was illegal.

Shinandra didn’t care, however, and tapped in to this market through an Yridian trader named Jurgal Chelek, who, in the tradition of his race of traders, had less than perfectly reputable credentials. He was able to attain a dose of the Kalinzine and it helped the child, but didn’t help least, not when she was caught. She was discharged from Starfleet to avoid criminal prosecution.

A friend set her up with her own business, as sad as it was, on Starbase BOB. A man named Avery Bryce who she was close with on 604 didn’t have many connections, in fact, so few that the only place he could get her to was BoB. It was a bar, but she decided that it was time to put her heritage to good use. The bar doubled as a place where she could offer her fortune telling services. She didn't work there for long before the craving to act as a doctor again returned and her valuable aid in a time of strife drew the captain of the starbase, who believed in second chances, to help her get back.

Starfleet granted this request, with the provision that she could only have the rank of ensign and not her former lieutenant rank. She didn’t care. She had never lost her medical degree, but being out of Starfleet gave her less chance to use it. Now, she could again. It cleared away the bitterness and started revealing again the person she was before. She still only followed protocol when it didn’t interfere with healing, but it was more important now because it was her second chance and she didn’t want to let her station down.

This time, she was more successful. Eventually, she even fell in love and got married, transferring to another ship and regaining the rank of lieutenant, junior grade. She was transferred to the USS Artemis, along with her husband who would be a fighter pilot. Eventually, troubling news came from home: following in her footsteps, her younger sister (who had been born since she'd left) had run away from home. Nandra resigned her commission and went back to New Babel, with her husband.

During the time that followed, her mother died. And, much to her surprise, her brothers began a rebellion against the throne, along with the other men of New Babel. Along the way, Shinandra's marriage would fall apart and she would relent the crown to her eldest brother. And for the first time in its centuries of existence, New Babel would overthrow its matriarchal lines and be ruled by men. With nothing left, Shinandra returned to Starfleet and learned of the civil war that had taken place while she'd been home.

She was assigned to the USS Walker for two years, until being sent to a new assignment...