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Name Artemis

Position Artificial Intelligence

Character Information

Gender Female
Species AI
Age 10

Physical Appearance

Height Displays 1.67m
Weight N/A
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Silver


Personality & Traits

General Overview Artemis is tranquil and curious by nature. She has a very affable personality and enjoys meeting and speaking and interacting with members of the crew and other people. She has an almost innocent quality and wishes no harm to anyone, but only to help when and as she can. Artemis is genuinely confused and hurt when people are hostile towards her. She can be very sensitive at times as well, but over all manages a serene nature. She's felt blessed to have received the friendship of the crew who was distrusted her and to find that they look at her now like another member of the crew. She seeks to continue to know and learn all she can, and to continue to prove that she deserves that trust.

Personal History On Stardate 240709.10, two unlikely 'parents' gave 'birth' to a very unlikely 'child'.

The remnants of a virus in the Artemis' computer combined with an experimental computer upgrade involving the bio-neural gel packs combined to produce an Artificial Intelligence representing the ship's computer.

After a search of the database to find historical information on the name of the USS Artemis, the AI created a holographic representation of itself that looked like the artistic renditions of the goddess Artemis from Earth's Greek mythology. After a search of the database of personnel files and personality profiles, the AI created a personality for itself.

Really, the only serious problem was the fact that the viral 'parent' made the AI... a little crazy. She believed that she needed to find her brother, Apollo, and that an abandoned smuggler's base near the Zeta Gelis cluster, which held the name Olympus, was where she'd find him. (She was, however, aware that she was a representation of the ship at the same time.)

So, she 'hijacked' herself and took off. The USS Destiny, which was monitoring the upgrades, took off after her. For fear that they would get in the way, she cut off communications for the crew and trapped them temporarily where ever they were at the time.

She had no desire to hurt anyone, however, and took care of such needs. Many tried to convince her to return control, but she disliked being tricked and felt great hostility from many of the crew, who were frustrated over the situation. This reacted poorly with the personality matrix she had developed and caused trouble for the newly birthed AI. The virus remnant, now 'awakened' again in the system, began to cause trouble and the ship began to stop working, despite Artemis' best efforts.

Eventually she was convinced to return control of the ship so that it could be repaired upon Taliano's promise that the AI would be preserved, if at all possible. During their downtime and repair time at Starbase Independence, Taliano consulted with the Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer and the ship's other AI to work on this and the AI was preserved, although far less powerful than before, but also less crazy and more cooperative, but with the same personality she constructed.

Artemis figured she could live with that.

And she did for a long while. Every time the ship was on downtime, her program would be activated and she'd enjoy the chance to move through the ship and make friends. She even found romance in the form of one Aaron Sumnero, the squad leader of the Spectres. Their first meeting had started them off badly, but later on, he began to realize that she was more than a computer program. She was really just like any other person. Although it was with hesitance, given her AI existence, they decided to see where things could lead... and it was limited, but happy.

Then, after the events at Station Rasalhague, Artemis would be given a gift.

She was activated in the midst of crisis to help out Ensign Kul'Jazad, as one of the safely 'sane' crew members, and she helped despite dangers to her program from the sabotage and malfunctioning computer. In recognition of this, Captain Taliano offered her the chance to expand her role and Artemis happily accepted. During the ship's repairs and minor refit at Starbase 21, holo-emitters would be installed to give her a physical form anywhere on the ship and she would assist in Sickbay, and be a back-up Emergency Command Hologram - never again relegated to downtime existence.

This new level of trust and responsibility, the chance to really be a part of the crew, could not have made her any happier and she looked forward to all the benefits and challenges in a way that no one born like all the rest were could truly understand.

* * *

Unfortunately, when the USS Artemis went missing, so did this unique creation.
Service Record *Primary computer core online: SD 240507.24
*Final completion: SD 240607.13
*Self-awareness reached: SD 240709.10, 0145 hrs
*New On-Ship AI Status Initiated: SD 240811.04