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Sergeant Thomas Buckley

Name Thomas James Buckley

Position Bravo Squad Leader

Rank Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey


Personality & Traits

General Overview Distant. Reliable in action. Stubborn. Lack of awareness of others feelings when assessing performance. Slow to anger but when roused is prone to 'snap'. Still sociable but keeps people at arms length . Lack of trust outside of the chain of command. Independent but deep down needs others but won't easily admit it.

Personal History Buck never knew his parents, they were victims of an attack upon their colony and whilst Buck, a child of seven, was amongst the few who survived by hiding under the dead, his parents were not. Rescued by a trading ship he eventually found his way to Earth and spent the rest of his younger years in and out of families where he never quite fit and the orphanage that was his home more often than not. This time imprinted upon him both a sense of stubborn self-reliance and a distant set of emotions to prevent him from being hurt by severed bonds with others.

One of the few things he embraced completely was physical sports and the sports that came with it. He quickly proved himself to be better at the latter than the former but he was smart enough that he was assessed as 'above average'. It was at this age he found his love for mechanics and tinkering with machinery and technology. More a hobby than a vocation he found peace in taking apart and putting back together whatever items he could, helping to restore older ones when offered by his tutors. He joined the cadets, having been told that one of his better options for the future was with the Marine Corps, and he never looked back.

By the time adulthood came around he had chosen his vocation and it was easy enough to join the Federation Marine Corps by enlisting into their training programme. If he had thought he was prepared he was surprised and it pushed him often to his breaking point. Stubbornly he pushed through it and even formed a number of unlikely friendships for the first time he could clearly remember. Looking back he would come to be certain that it was only these bonds that helped him to win out over the drill sergeants. Four gruelling years which seemed like ten and he earned his place, a private of the Marine Corps.

The next handful of years passed with what was happiness for him. He was given plenty of chances to prove himself and stretch his abilities, to grow as a person. Border patrol was often boring but it was good as downtime from the other more volatile tasks his unit was ordered to deal with. He served with three others he had trained with and their bonds deepened in the arena of true combat, friendships forged through hardship. He learned how to field repair gear and maintain vehicles where necessary. Little did he know it would not last long and would be gone forever soon enough.

All of his friends died when all that he knew tore into itself and civil war reigned. He served with distinction despite his misgivings and the subtle knowledge that any deaths could have been avoided. Should have been. He earned a field promotion and on one occasion almost died himself. He does not speak of such times but they have marred him deeply. Disillusioned and without much to anchor hi to any particular place or unit at its ending he petitioned to be returned to a central training facility where he could teach the youth to be less foolish than their elders.

A number of peaceful years passed and he fell into the routine of teaching and guiding. He did so with a professional and aloof manner despite the whispers about him from the privates. He ignored them, buried himself in the tasks at hand and tried to forget. Fate called him upon a different path, however, as a new assignment was given to him. No details, just orders. It suited him fine, he could follow orders.