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Lieutenant JG Chase Jameson

Name Chase Dean Jameson

Position Fighter Pilot

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 1.71m
Weight 79.6kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lean and narrow of shoulders, Nathan is built for agility, not presentation. Narrow faced, but with piercing blue eyes and a stern brow reminiscent of his father. His face seems always on the edge of a smile, though rarely a full one is found.


Father Thomas Jameson
Mother Jesse Jameson
Brother(s) Hadrian Jameson (16)
Sister(s) Lily Bren-Jameson (24)
Kaelin Bren-Jameson (24)
Daula Bren-Jameson (38)
Tess Jameson (deceased)
Other Family Willis Rhett Jameson, Uncle

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nathan is an attentive and remarkably observant talent. As capable a pilot - if not more so - than his mother and father, Nathan keeps a cool and even temperament most times. Where his parents might have gained infamy in their careers for brazen acts as pilots of their generation, Nathan is exceptionally driven to be by-the-book.
Strengths & Weaknesses He maintains a calm and solid presence under extreme pressure, and can keep an intense focus on his responsibilities and duties.

The reverse of this, he is unable to fully reach a state of relaxation during mandatory leave, instead preferring to throw himself fully into his assignments and keep his craft, crew and section working at peak performance. Nathan is also estranged from his father and holds a deep resentment for both his parents.
Ambitions Nathan's ambitions are to command a squadron of his own, and to remove some of the tarnish from his namesake by establishing himself as a better pilot and leader. He also wishes to prove himself more than just Tom Jameson's kid, and make himself stand apart as exceptional in his own right.

Personal History Nathan Jameson was perhaps pre-destined to be a pilot, long before his conception. He was born on an escort carrier; the USS Crazy Horse. The official logs are somewhat hazy, due to the infamous past of the Crazy Horse as well as its sudden demise, but as noted in official Starfleet Medical records he is the son of two of Starfleet's most formidable combat pilots from their time; Jesse 'Kat' Shantel and Thomas 'Dixie' Jameson. Though their relationship at the time was quite the scandal, the eventual marriage of the two pilots seemed to abate the questions regarding his birth.

He grew up quasi-normally for a 'Fleet brat; moving from installation to installation with his burgeoning family (twin half-sisters and another on the way by the time he was four). Though his appearance (and that of his siblings) moved the Jamesons from carrier duty to stationary installations, this did little to change the impact that Starfleet Aerospace had on the young kid's life. By eight he had become an unofficial mascot for the 119th aboard Starbase Aurora. By the time his father was assigned Wing Commander aboard the USS Artemis, he had doubled his efforts academically to put him on track for Starfleet Academy, despite it still being a few years away.

As Nathan entered maturity with his father oftentimes absent on assignment, Nathan began to question. With his mother's reassignment to Earth and a stabilizing home life, the regular absence was omnipresent - even moreso once Thomas accepted a promotion to Captain and command of the USS Yorktown. But where other children facing such a lack might have swayed and fallen in with the wrong crowds, Nathan focused on his path and his goals, and swore to himself that he would remain on the path to the Academy.

As he closed in on finishing his primary education, many of the former pilots that knew of Nathan begun to settle down their careers in different fashions on Earth. being drawn to the 'older' crowd, Nathan heard many stories of the checkered past of then-Captain Jameson. Internally, he became conflicted and began painting a distorted image of his father in the man's absence. What some might see as dedication to a career, Nathan regarded as an excuse to remain outside the bounds of a family that needed him.

Nathan's school results soared. Graduating near the top of his class, his application to Starfleet was made without leaning on the legacy of his family, instead choosing to seek an independent officer's recommendation for his appointment. His focus, however, remained on track to follow in his parents' footsteps.

Nathan's indoctrination into Starfleet Academy was near to seamless, thriving in the structure and order of his training that his childhood sometimes lacked. His discipline and adherence to regulation was oftentimes a detriment in his establishing a solid social circle, but a mildly softened outward demeanor and understanding of emotional constructs at least allowed him to soften the sting at times. In difference to his classmates, he would have a tendency to see himself out of dubious situations well prior to their deconstruction into a potential conflict with the regs.

Nathan's dedication saw him graduate at the top of his Academy class, granting him a preferred appointment to Flight School. In this he displayed a deft skill in the cockpit, besting a scant few academy training records - most importantly to Nathan, his own father's. After graduating Flight School, Nathan accepted was assigned to Olympus Mons Flight Range to continue building his flight log and to assist in testing new weapons and avionics systems on the recently uprated Valkyrie Mk-V starfighter.
Service Record 2410-2414: Starfleet Academy
2414-2416: Starfleet Aersopace Flight School
2416-2418: Olympus Mons Flight Range - Munitions Testing Facility