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Lieutenant JG Jessica Smith

Name Jessica Kayleigh Smith

Position Engineering Officer

Second Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 8
Hair Color Blonde/Brown
Eye Color Green


Personality & Traits

General Overview Bubbly and sociable. Focused worker. Rich sense of humour. Unconventional thinker, always looking to improve standard practise and tech. Desires her own command one day and so desires to please. Tends towards self-criticism but rarely criticises others. A romantic with romantic ideals, especially when it come to life aboard a starship. More experienced than her age suggests but still possessed of a certain naivety.

Personal History Jessica is the classic Starfleet applicant. Studious, attentive, talented and possessed of the desire to explore and grow as a person. To find the stranger things of the universe, to unravel it mysteries, these are what drive her. A product of a loving upbringing at the hand of parents whom both achieved moderate success and note throughout Starfleet careers of their own. Her father a pilot and her other a medical officer, she sent much of her younger life either aboard ships or starbases. Her curiosity gave her the boldness to explore such places completely, often getting into trouble for going where he aught not.

The two most definitive of characteristics such a childhood and adolescence gave her were unconventionality and the ability to be taught by active Starfleet personal - even if it were just to shut her up and move her along her way. She learned much 'on the fly' but as she grew older what truly engaged her interests were the Engineering sections. She managed to spend enough time, outside of her usual lessons, in such places that she picked up enough know-how to decide what she wanted to do with her life and the ability to grab hold of it.

She applied for and gained admission to Starfleet Academy, quickly learning that she would clash with her professors but shape herself into something better for it. She never lost her unconventional way of thinking but he did manage to embed it within a framework of operations that allowed her to learn and, in time, graduate. She applied for a ship posting, something she had always wanted, but was instead given a Space station posting. She hated it at first but soon learned that it was another type of schooling - this one in reality.

Living life as an engineer was far different from thinking about it, that became apparent quickly. Daily tasks and maintenance coupled with making do with not perfect levels of either time or resources hardened her skills Working as part of a small team forced her to acknowledge that if she wised for her won command one day that she would have to be more personable. She felt, over time, as if she had graduated simply to have to prove herself all over again an graduate somewhere new.

Just as she managed to do so, gaining the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, she received another posting. This time aboard what she had always wanted - a starship. The details were vague and now, faced with her future, she felt torn. She had just found herself fitting in only to be torn away. And so it was with both joy and sorrow that she left,to discover new things in a new place.