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Lieutenant Commander Mirabella Basso

Name Mirabella "Brawler" Basso

Position Squadron Leader, Furies

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

General Overview Mirabella is not quite the difficult woman she once was, but that's not to say she's exactly an "easy" woman now. She still has a sharp tongue and a readiness to enter any fray, any conflict, and to win it. The years have tempered her, however, from the sword that was red hot and just pulled from the forge to a steel blade ready to do what needs doing. Older and wiser, she has found a protective streak in her heart and will throw herself in front of almost anyone to protect them.

She particularly hates bullies, and smugglers are a sore point. Sometimes her grey areas are...pretty grey, but ultimately, she always seeks out what is just and right. Of course, that's generally by her own standards...but she stays in line. Enough.

Personal History Some say that if a person stays in one place long enough, they become that place. It's like the person soaks in their surroundings and it changes the person. People don't talk so often about the other side. They don't mention, or even realize, that if a person stays in one place long enough, the place becomes them. Few people realize that a place can soak in the people that live there and became like the people; a place where bad people live will never be good or clean again, no matter what you do... As if it likes being dirty.

Turkana IV is such a place. They probably should have blasted that heap of rock out of the sky by now, for all the trouble it's caused and all of the lives that it's ruined. But they haven't.

You only come to live on a place like this for one of two reasons. Either you land there by accident, or you're up to no good. Those in the former category do all they can to escape. The majority of the population belongs to the latter, however. Over the past several years, any attempts at aiding the people of the failed colony have been given up. Neither the planet nor the people on it seem to want any help, so now the underground tunnels and city-like places are primarily havens for any number of vices.

Mirabella Basso was born into this world. Her parents were smugglers who had set up shop there two years before Mira was born. They were beyond Federation Law and unashamed of it, but they were good parents, in as far as they could be. They did not leave Turkana IV, but they protected Mira from the violence around them. Still, the planet and the people in their ever-moving cycle of negativity fed into the growth of the child. She grew up always ready for a fight and with a 'chip on her shoulder.'

When she was nine, she began helping her parents' smuggling. They worked in drug and weapon contraband, using their small ship to connect with larger ships in the same rings. Occasionally they ventured to bases and planets and used their daughter to hide things. Security was usually more lax for small children like her. By the age of thirteen, she had perfected her technique in the matter of looking small, helpless, and cute.

It wasn't perfect, however, and when she was fourteen, she was arrested along with her parents. As a juvenile, she wasn't charged. Her parents were found guilty and sent to a penal colony while Mira was sent into the foster care of the Federation. Like many children who do, she was difficult. She got into fights and found difficulty with the general concepts of 'right' and 'wrong,' since most of what she knew as a youth fell into that latter category.

By the age of seventeen, she had cycled through nearly a dozen foster homes but was finally beginning to calm down. She still had that chip on her shoulder, but she was learning ethics and a point, at least, where she stopped stealing from the homes of her foster families and only got into the occasional fight rather than a daily one. She managed to make it out of her senior year with only four detentions, having avoided suspensions and expulsion. She did well on her school work, however, which was remarkable considering the lack of education. There had been a lot of catching up to do, but she had done it.

When she turned eighteen, her current foster family--and the one she'd managed to stay with the longest--suggested Starfleet Academy. It was their hope that it would continue to teach her the discipline that she needed. She liked the idea, because deep inside she was an unsettled woman who liked the idea of being in motion.

Mira applied for the class entering in 2404. There were concerns about her disciplinary record, but she passed the entrance exams with good marks and a former school professor and her foster father were gracious enough to give her character references. She was accepted and pursued the path that struck an immediate chord with her: Fighter Pilot.

At first, it might have seemed like the daydream of youth. Her foster family, who cared for her despite her problems, feared she romanticized it and it was going to get her hurt...until they heard how well she had taken to it and the aptitude shown. Growing up on Turkana IV had taught Mira to romanticize nothing. It wasn't part of her personality mto do so. She knew it was hard and it was dangerous. That was what she liked.

She made it through all four years of the Academy. It was hard and she got by with the skin of her teeth on the disciplinary side, still having too great a penchant for mouthing off and getting into brawls...but she stayed just in line enough to let her skills shine through and allow her a place on Luna Squadron, one of the Academy's pilot groups. This was where she earned her call sign.

Now, a fresh from the Academy graduate, she looks to her first posting on a ship called the USS Artemis...a ship that is said to be small and scrappy and a tough fighter.

So, a lot like her.

* * *

The years have passed since Mira was transferred off the Artemis, but they say that life is about circles and she's in one now. Now, she's stepping foot on the USS Artemis once again. This time not as a young, fresh graduate desperate to prove herself, but as a squadron commander. Having survived multiple posts, battles and skirmishes, a civil war within the Federation, she is seasoned and confident. She is ready to tackle all challenges, and to lead.

Of course, she still mouths off a lot. She is still a child of Turkana IV.