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Crewman Talee Malena

Name Talee Malena

Position Fighter Technician

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Terran (Magpie)
Age 19

Physical Appearance

Height 58cm (5’2”)
Weight 54kg (121 lbs)
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Talee has a hot rock-star look; starting with a simple punk undercut style, where the back and sides of her head are shaved, and the rest of her hair is just slightly above her shoulders.

Along with the hot rock-star look Talee wears heavy eyeliner which makes her hazel eyes pop against her light skin tone.

Talee is on the skinny side not unhealthy just skinny. Build is more athletic/toned between doing yoga and pilaties but she does have decent muscle tone from doing kickboxing.


Father John (deceased)
Mother Tora

Personality & Traits

General Overview Talee has the personality of a space boomer brunt, free speaking and chip on her shoulder.

Being born and raised on a Magpie class mining ship like her father Talee's ability laid in engineering. Talee's chip on her shoulder wasn't helped by the fact that her father had no idea how to raise her.

Talee has had to come a long way in learning to curtail her sharp tongue especially when she joined Starfleet.

It might not seem it but she is fiercely proud of her heritage and where she came from and you can see that when she uses space boomer creole. Language that the space boomers started to use which is still in use today even with increasingly strides in warp technology.

Her natural bitchiness and chip on her shoulder has made it and continue does making relationships all the more difficult. At the same time her bitchiness and let's call it persistent attitude made her very successful in training others in the general ship operations, repairs, and protocols.

Her drug use was in her opinion was to help keep her stable. Whether it was on/off duty, social settings or hell even when she was by herself in her bunk/quarters.

Personal History Talee was born on the ECS (Earth Cargo Service) ship the Sarak-Broronar to the lead mechanic John Ryen which secured Talee's role on the ship when her father "retires" or can no longer hold the position. Her mother Tora Malena was ECS (Earth Cargo Service) administrator.

Her father and mother were never married and John somehow convinced that Talee staying with him was the best idea meaning that Tora only got to see her daughter every 3 years by the time the Sarak-Broronar would get back to Mars.

To Tora's disappointment when Talee arrived to Mars on Talee had made the decision to join Starfleet. She was sick of the life on the Sarak-Broronar and wanted something more fast pace.

With her natural skills and training from her father she excelled at the entrance exam when it came to mechanics. Along with some piloting skills. But the transition from the rough and gruff out in the Wild Wild West like they used to say in old-Earth to something more polished and with an actual hierarchy Talee struggled. She never made it all the way through the academy.

But she did learn enough from the academy that others like the IMG (Independent Mining Guild) or Magpie's offered a helping hand by putting on the MPS (Magpie Ship) Black Beak.

But prior to accepting the position on the MPS Black Beak she acquired an addiction to a couple of illicit substances "Stims" that helped her stay awake and alert for several hours then 'Jakk' which helped her come down off of the 'Stims'. After her addiction and some other actions put her in danger Julia the chief officer of the Black Beak kicked her off to protect her.
Service Record 1x Specialized Hyperspanner - "Sonic Screwdriver" the device had several abilities of other engineering tools allowing it to function as several tools.

1x Plasma Cutter (10 plasma energy batteries) - The Plasma Cutter delivers a cohesive pulse-stream, or "bolt", of ionized plasma when fired. It is capable of firing bolts vertically (primary firing mode) and horizontally (secondary firing mode).

On impact with the target, bolt cohesion fails frontward first, penetrating the target with a focused jet of superheated matter. This causes intense localized shear effects as well as a tunneling thermal expansion.

3x Data Cubes - is a small form-factor lightweight data storage device. The Data Cube is used for secure data storage and sharing. The data cube resembles a memory card more than a literal "cube" per se. The data cube doesn' t require physical contact to transfer data as it apparently incorporates wireless communication capabilities.