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Lieutenant Charline Geroux

Name Charline Geroux

Position Chief Helm Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 175cm
Weight 65kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey


Personality & Traits

General Overview Personnel File
2368 - 2373 Starfleet Academy; Cadet; Specialty: Pilot
2373 - 2375 USS Arcos; Ensign; ANav
2375 - 2376 Starbase 232; Ensign; Atmospheric Pilot
2376 - 2378 USS Oberth; LtJg; ANav
2378 - 2380 USS Yosemite; Ensign; ANav
2380 - 2381 Starbase 84; LtJg; Shuttle Pilot
2381 - 2381 USS Houston; LtJg; ANav
2381 - 2382 USS Houston; LtJg; Acting CNav
Strengths & Weaknesses Commendations
February 2381: Starfleet Medal of Valor
Citation: Upon the near-total destruction of the Houston’s Bridge, LtJg Geroux took charge of the situation and, despite being injured herself, piloted the ship out of harm’s way. As such, she avoided the entire crew being assimilated by the Borg.

May 2375: Conduct unbecoming. (Action: Transfer to Starbase 232)
December 2378: Reckless Endangerment (Action: Demotion to Ensign ; Transfer to Science vessel USS Yosemite)
January 2380: Drunk and Disorderly (Action: Transfer to Starbase 84)

Service Record Evaluations
2372 - Head of Pilot Training, Starfleet Academy: Cadet Geroux has a tendancy to act out. While being a brilliant pilot, she lacks any moral center or personal responsibility to deal with the mandatory obligations that come with being a Starfleet Officer. If she graduates, I don’t foresee a quick rank-advancing career.

2375 - CO, USS Arcos: Ensign Geroux is steadily late for her shifts. Her reports are rarely filed in time and her department head has had to cover for her more than once. Aside from that, she’s flown a few incredible Shuttle away missions that have resulted in the success of the mission where any average piloting would have resulted in failure or even death.

2376 - Head of Atmospheric Operations, Starbase 232: Warned about her habits of rebelling against authority, Ensign Geroux has been assigned atmospheric duties she could perform in her sleep. To her, the lack of responsibility seems to make up for the lack of attractivity during the missions. She hasn’t expressed any desire for more responsibility or a chance to advance her career on Starbase 232. However, she has requested a transfer to a starship.

2378 - JAG, Starbase 632: LtJg Geroux has been found guilty of Reckless Endangerment. While training with a more junior officer on the holodeck, she deactivated the holodeck safeties against the computer’s express vocal warnings. She didn’t interrupt training as her fellow officer wasn’t able to maintain control of the shuttle they were piloting. The subsequent crash resulted in his death. It’s my ruling that the safeties should never have been turned off, and that the simulation should have been paused before impact. LtJg Geroux is demoted to Ensign, and transferred to another posting while she can hopefully redeem herself without the accident hanging over her head.

2381 - CO, Starbase 84: Being warned about her erratic behavior, I’m pleasantly surprised by the way she’s been treating herself, her fellow officers and her duties. I’ve had the pleasure to reinstate her to the rank of LtJg, and she seems to have found a goal in life. Unfortunately, rumors of a Borg attack are increasing, and I’ve received her transfer orders to the USS Houston. She will be missed with the shuttle crews of Starbase 84.

2382 - Transfer Officer, Starbase 389: On orders of Fleet Command, I’m promoting LtJg Geroux to the rank of full Lt. She seems to have rehabilitated herself over the past year. In combination with the shortage of officers, Fleet has judged her the perfect candidate for a fast promotion and a tour as CNav aboard .