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Commander Grey McArnh

Name Grey McArnh

Position Counselor

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Keraxi
Age 63

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue


Spouse Adevian McArnh-Brey (deceased)
Father N'kahl [approx.]
Mother M'kahl [approx.]

Personality & Traits

General Overview A rationalist, realist and tactician, Grey conveys a qualified experience to his words and actions. His face reads like one that has loved and lost, perhaps more than once, and whose brow carries sincerity. His overwhelming loss, the true extent of which few knew, combined with his evolving telepathic capability, make for a veteran who is nevertheless young and pained of soul. One would not play poker with Grey. It is unwise to ask about his husband.

Members of the Federation, the Keraxi – of several planets in the Kerax system – represent a coming together of four, possibly five cultures in a single star system millennia ago. Their language is one of the most etymologically complex in the Federation and harder even than Romulan to reproduce; their culture certainly one of the more diverse and best recorded; they are recognisable as Ionian offspring but also nebulous to be identified with other universal genetics; they are peace-brokerers, communicators and humanists [sic]. There are six phases of a Keraxi’s life, so far as is known. Early Childhood, Late Childhood, The Maturity, Adulthood, The Reckoning, Atonement: their secular spirituality demands that each has meaning in order to maintain the spirit, momentum and pride of their people. These physiological phases endure, in total, 300 or so years. While physically comparable with humans, there are many cultural and gender related nuances that are often misunderstood by other Federation cultures. Grey is broadly representative of the physiology and psychology of his species. Interestingly, the Keraxi are species number 1234 in the Borg catalogue.

Personal History The Federation was a different place in 2354. Those quiet years of relative peace or silence allowed the grand organisations of the Alpha and Beta quadrants to expand and rebuild. Mrs M’kahl [approximately] had served as the Keraxi ambassador to the Federation since the beginning: a race of affable humanoids, of Ionian type, yet natural linguists, communicators, rationalists and philosophers. She had never expected to be an ambassador. But, then, she had never expected to be one of her proud people’s finest tactical statisticians, or a cardigan-wearing eccentric, or pregnant as young as 83, and not away from her homeworld. G’rei – son of M’kahl and the first child born away from Kerax in nine centuries – was the product of her long and public gestation.

His people known for their linguistic acumen, G’rei impressed the staff at the roaming Kerax embassy on Mars Colony from an early age, his fine ear tuning in to the alien languages around him adeptly. He let them call him Grey when they couldn’t say his name and he assimilated with Federation culture. When he was old enough he returned with celebrity to Kerax for holidays. Visits to the clammy second planet, the shimmering biometallic metropolis of the fourth, the icy gas giant or either of the neo-Xaiki system platforms reminded him of his nature. As a youth he joined the various political, social and cultural movements typical of his world’s progeny.

One thing you can always say about Kerax politics – it goes at a snail’s pace. Seeing an end to Kerax’s natural independent status, Grey spent his first excursion as an adult with the Romulans. Working as an administrator in the embassy during its dying phases, he absorbed their people’s language and culture, recognising his unique chance to do so before the border was closed. He assisted the gradually diminishing team as they packed up their notes, withdrew their spies, burned their wiretaps and said goodbye to the end of an era. In 2073, when the X’phthlora Accord of 2367 was finally ratified, last-one-out Grey turned off the light and headed for Starfleet Academy the slow way. He arrived in 2377.

The dour, mature and acerbic operations specialist was introduced to serving life four years later. Reputed for his instinct, cultural nuance and attention to detail, Grey combined technical ability with the shrewd head of a seasoned officer. A three-year tour around the Federation’s ever-extending border on the USS Farragut preceded another five as a fresh-faced Lieutenant on the more intrepid USS Lexington, a young Chief of Ops on scientific missions plunging into the furthest limits of the beta quadrant. The years of the 2380s were, for Grey, nostalgic favourites; he served on the Lexington for a heady decade. Occasionally, he feels that younger officers will never benefit from that particular period of expansion.

Progressing its borders meant new cultural differences with the Federation, social responsibilities and, inevitably, crime and rehabilitation. Experimental facility Starbase Yakasi Mai was one of three rehab hubs for all those failing to co-opt with Starfleet life; Grey led its logistics at departmental level for three years before being seconded to Starfleet Security, desired there for his fast, accurate acumen with character. The advantage of his race’s longevity played to its fore, allowing him to add interpersonal intelligence to his already fertile organisational mind. He became forensic, detailed and interested. Grey was the man to call to solve a problem. His career flourished.

There followed in quick succession the experiences of the Medina – a prototype long-range vessel that would later become the n class – and the Caledonia, a rust-bucket in Gamma Fleet filled with deplorables. Misunderstanding turned into a fulsome opportunity and Grey turned the Caly around, navigating some of the most obscure tactical and cultural situations one could encounter: as if the gods, in which his people do not believe, were playing a game. But his assignment there was most certainly punishment; why would such an exemplary officer be forced towards a post so unbecoming? It is a curiosity amongst those who remember the era.

In quick succession Grey’s life ascended into the rich, unctuously complicated tapestry that is, for the Keraxi, their Late Childhood. The Medina formed him into a tactical pragmatist, calculating skirmisher with the nature of the universe and unafraid to seek and document the truth. His incident tempered him as an officer and his assignment changed. Yes – on the Caledonia, he ably managed frontier town with a crew apparently unreliable. He encountered Felix de l’Isle, former charge come fighter pilot come new-era, fresh-faced Captain. He met his beloved, Adevian Brey, connected to him by fate in that place and, having opened at last to love, married him before transitioning into Intelligence. It was in this era that his transition began to evade humanity’s traditional timelines, and even those of his own people, given his experience.

For two years he served intelligence to Gamma Fleet, advising the Captains of the – to his mind – most intrepid of officers, learning the ropes with no idea what was soon to pass. An early assassination, regular for the head of Starfleet Intelligence, inflicted the incumbent and he found himself moved back to the Terran system as the operational director in the cockpit at Mars Colony, calling the shots on the full scenario of inter-quadrant scenarios. Intel always begins before other departments to calculate the awful, and Grey served out a time of horrors that is, for obvious reasons, both gruelling and, mercifully, classified. Woe-ridden decisions where everyone was doomed. ‘Navigate the Prime Directive around that,’ he once said to an XO.

Sixteen assassination attempts of his own and a promotion to Admiral later, civil unrest had begun to engulf Starfleet. With the Keraxi seeing little benefit in their hard-won membership, they recalled their citizens and entered a period of lockdown. Grey, again, was the last one out, taking his husband and suspending his commission in line with his people’s suspension of Federation membership. They made home on Kerax Two, advising the Keraxi government on the social and tactical implications of the Starfleet implosion. Although Grey’s rank was restored in 2414, in line with the end of the civil unrest, he did not take up a new commission, instead being appointed Ambassador to the Federation, tasked with reactivating membership.

With renewal signed two years later, Starfleet made overtures to one of its most trusted, decorated officers to return – primarily to the benefit of a specific peace negotiation. Before long, he and Adevian were making their way to Achecar to broker Federation membership. He would never have the chance to discuss his non-Federation future with his husband. Separated briefly at Starbase 54, Grey encountered his first telepathic experience as he /felt/ Adevian’s murder occur – a bomb intended for him. Not understanding the psychological enormity of this event, Grey stumbled onwards to Achecar to lead the peace accord. The Achecarians’ psychiatric potency activated an unexpected phase of his mental development, pushing him into Onset Maturity and a precocious empathic, then telepathic ability. The accord signed, the Achecarians offered to care for Grey, rehabilitating him and his grief for several months before returning him to Kerax Two.

Grey’s newfound understanding of id and ego encouraged him toward care for veterans while providing a convenient hiding place from those who would still do him harm. He would only be dug out a couple of months later to take a new field commission – as Counsellor, a Commander, and a wise old head and a pair of eyes that has seen more things than it can tell.
Service Record 2354 – Born
2377 – Starfleet Academy
2381 – Ensign, Operations Officer, USS Farragut
2384 – Lieutenant j.g., then Lieutenant, Chief of Operations, USS Lexington
2394 – Lieutenant, Chief of Operations, Starbase Yakasi Mai
2397 – Lieutenant Commander, Starfleet Security
2401 – Commander, XO then CO, USS Medina
2403 – Commander, CO then Captain, USS Caledonia
2405 – Captain, Director, Intel, GF
2405 – Marries to Adevian Brey
2407 – Captain then Admiral, Director of Operations, Starfleet Intel
2409 – Recalled to Kerax Two
2410 – Keraxi Government suspends Federation membership
2410 – Advisor on Starfleet and the Federation to the Keraxi Government
2414 – Keraxi Ambassador to the Federation
2416 – Keraxi Government reactivates Federation membership; Adevian McArnh-Brey assassinated
2417 – Field commission Commander, Counsellor, USS Artemis