Comedy of Errors

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The Past Undying

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After being missing for several years, the USS Artemis is suddenly found in an asteroid field just at the edge of Starfleet's space. A skeleton crew made of former Artemis crew and new people is assembled and sent out on the USS Adamant to find out just what is going on with the "ghost ship" Artemis...

Ab Antiquo

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The USS Artemis responds to a distress call on the planet Irrinna. An away team is dispatched to investigate, but it turns out to be a trap. While the away team is confronted by a group of armed individuals, the Artemis is hit by a probe with an EMP style attack that knocks out half its systems. The crew is slowly kidnapped, both on the planet and on the ship, and taken by one of two warring factions on the planet below. Both sides have been fighting for so long that they resort to abduction to fill their ranks. There are casualties and eventually escapes, before the Artemis is able to rescue them and get away from the planet.