The Past Undying

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Status Completed Mission
Description After being missing for several years, the USS Artemis is suddenly found in an asteroid field just at the edge of Starfleet's space. A skeleton crew made of former Artemis crew and new people is assembled and sent out on the USS Adamant to find out just what is going on with the "ghost ship" Artemis...
Start Date Fri Sep 15th, 2017 @ 12:41am
End Date Sat Dec 30th, 2017 @ 12:41am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
SD241712.22 | Joint Personal Log | "Random Starts"
by Artemis & Ensign Zihisa Zatyl
Random Corridor, USS Artemis
SD241712.16 | Personal (Back) Log | "In the Halls of Valhalla"
by Captain Brynhild Kleim
Sharp Lines Tattoo Shop, Starbase Dacia
SD241712.07 || Joint Duty Log || "Five Stages"
by Captain Brynhild Kleim & Lieutenant Cohen Bram
Present - Docked at SB Dacia Ready Room, USS Artemis
SD 241712.05 A change of Chiefs
by Commander Anakah Lance
XO's office
SD241712.05 | Joint Log | "Silver Introductions"
by Sergeant Thomas Buckley & Artemis
USS Artemis
SD241712.05 | Joint Log | "When a Goddess Comes A'knockin"
by Commander Anakah Lance & Artemis
SD241711.04 JP | "Need a Shower. And Sleep."
by Ensign Zihisa Zatyl
SD241711.30 | Joint Log | "Other Breeds of Human"
by Commander Andrea Malone & Lieutenant Commander Mirabella Basso
SD241712.01 || Back Duty Log || "The End is Near"
by Lieutenant Cohen Bram
During / Shortly After Battle USS ARTEMIS - SICKBAY & Cohen's Quarters
SD241711.30 | Joint Log | "Sergeant to Sergeant"
by Sergeant Thomas Buckley & Sergeant Victoria Dolan
Starbase Dacia
SD241711.29 |Duty Log| "Let loose the dogs of war"
by Lance Corporal Chea Accusay
Starbase Dacia
SD241711.28 | Joint Log | "Welcome to the Madhouse"
by Sergeant Victoria Dolan
SD241711.28 | Duty Log | "The Long Road"
by Captain Brynhild Kleim
TESTING disregard
by Commander Anakah Lance
SD241711.27 JP | Welcome to Starfleet
by Ensign Zihisa Zatyl & Commander Anakah Lance
Various Locations
SD 241711.24: First impressions of an AI
by Commander Anakah Lance
SD 241711.24 Cleaning Up
by Commander Andrea Malone
SD241711.23 | Personal Log | Aftermath
by Sergeant Thomas Buckley
USS Artemis
SD241711.21 -- PLOT LOG -- "A Goddess's Justice"
by Captain Brynhild Kleim
Bridge, USS Artemis
SD241711.19 | Firefight | LC Thomas Buckley
by Sergeant Thomas Buckley
USS Artemis
SD241411.19 || Duty Log || "Trauma"
by Lieutenant Cohen Bram
SD 241711.17 Taking Aim and Drawing Fire
by Commander Andrea Malone
SD241711.13 | Duty Log | "Bloody Bones"
by Commander Dakota
USS Artemis
SD241711.13 | First Blood | LC Thomas Buckley
by Sergeant Thomas Buckley
USS Artemis
SD241711.12 || Joint Duty Log || The Inquisitor [Part 2/2]
by Lieutenant Cohen Bram & Commander Grey McArnh

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