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SD 241805.06 | JP | We are not in Kansas Anymore

Posted on Thu May 17th, 2018 @ 4:07am by

Mission: Ab Antiquo
Location: Firing Range

Opening the case Téa grinned seeing the matte-black phaser pulse rifle highly-modfied for range, stability and fast reload. The frame was made of super light alloy giving it better handling, a model 8 red scope and flared magwell providing that extra stability and reload speed and finally a modified trigger system allowing for full auto fire.

Picking up one of the power packs and slid it into the rifle. Tapping a few more buttons several targets popped up at various distance's along with stationary and moving targets. Few seconds later the power pack was drained and all the targets were eliminated.

"Nice sooting Tex!" Devrim said with a smirk. "New?" He asked nodding to the weapon. Just as Dogmeat trotted in and sat down next to Téa's feet.

"Yeah," Téa said removing the drained power pack and slipping it back into it's case. "Built to protect you snipers." Téa added realizing she was still wearing her undercover outfit; black combat boots, skinny black jeans with a skinny studded black belt. Her right wrist had a wide jet black bracelet and finally she had a cropped black leather studded biker's jacket.

"Nice look by the way." Devrim said with a smirk. "You up for a drink?" Devrim added sensing that there was something off about Téa but he has also seen his fair share of Marine's like Téa.

"Thanks. Figure me going to pick this up in Marine BDUs wasn't the best of ideas." Téa said petting Dogmeat, "and yes a drink sounds good. Looks like you had a good trip to Earth." She nodded at his attire of of blue jeans, a sky blue cotton t-shirt and his black combat boots along with a light weight leather jacket.

* * *

"Oi! You," he shouted at his bouncers, "kick those asses out of my bar!" He shouted sick of people unable to hold their liquor.

Ooof! Could be heard coming from Téa as she started to stir, "wh wha......" She started in her slurred speech.

"Fu**ing drunks." The bouncer said shaking his head looking at the other bouncer, ".......and to bad the chick is hot." With another shrug the two bouncers walked back into the bar.

"De Dev Devrim......y you good?" Téa asked her words still slurred as she slowly opened her eyes knowing that they didn't drink that much. Did someone slip something in their drink in the make-shift Marine bar. Her head was pounding the pain was also causing nausea with emptying her stomach on the ground next to her.

"Y yeah I I am good," Devrim said weakly as he slowly pushed himself up off the ground, " you good?"

Spitting out the last of the vile. "Ye yeah I am good." Téa said slowly getting to her feet and finally looking around. "We are not on the ship anymore." Téa said closing her eyes and leaning against the wall trying to get her body under control.

[To be continued.......]

Sergeant Devrim Kay (NPC apb StaySexy)
Marine Sniper
Boston (2018), Earth

Corporal Téa Black (NPC apb StaySexy)
Boston (2018), Earth


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