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SD 241805.18 | JP | The Odd one Out

Posted on Sat May 19th, 2018 @ 7:10am by Ensign Zihisa Zatyl & Crewman Talee Malena

Mission: Comedy of Errors
Location: Boston (2018), Earth

"......oh......ummm......." Zihisa stepped back quickly not expecting the gesture from the crewmen.

{Shit} Talee thought as she just realized what she just did, "sh.....sorry ma'am......." {God damn it} She thought again. "......I I just came by to see how your knuckles were were doing." Talee said looking back up at the hybrid. Over the past couple of weeks the two had bonded over the octagon.

"Come in crewmen," Zihisa said finally finding her words again. Zihisa allowed the door to close before she spoke again, "......take a couple of breaths crewmen." Zihisa suggested ever sense their first meeting she couldn't stop thinking about her. Taking a couple of steps closer to Talee.

Placing her left and into hers, "take a look......" Zihisa said leaning in and returned the kiss as she felt Talee gently rubbing her hand.

"Looks like it's healing nicely........" Talee said licking her lips savoring the taste. Zihisa took ahold of Talee's hand and led her to the couch. Allowing Talee toast on her lap as they started to make-out allowing passion to overcome each other. As soon as the make-out session started it ended as both slumped into each other.

* * *

The two of them awoke in a public library Talee still straddling Zihisa. Luckily she was the first one to wake up. "Zi Zihisa y you need to wake up!" Talee said as she slid off of Zihisa's lap. "Co come Zihisa you need to wake up!?" Talee said sounding nervous.

"W wha whe where are we?" Zihisa asked jumping and looking around wide eyed.

"Not sure. But I have a funny feeling you are gonna stand-out like a sore thumb." Talee said noticing somethings that were very out of place. "Come over here." Talee said helping Zihisa off the couch and leading her over to a stack of books. "You need a hoodie or something to cover well......."

Zihisa quickly followed Talee flashbacks to when her father kept her hidden. "O of course......" ZIhisa her mind still a bit foggy. Talee quickly moved through the stacks before seeing a open desk with a black hoodie. With a quick stroll she quickly grabbed the hoodie and headed back to Zihisa.

"Okay put this on and then we need toluene and figure out where we are." Talee said walking back to the edge of the stack and looked around. Zihisa just nodded as she pulled the hood over her head and following Talee. Once on the street they both stopped getting hit in the face with sheer confusion.

[To be continued........]

Ensign Zihisa Zatyl
Engineering Officer
Boston (2018), Earth

Crewmen Talee Malena (NPC apb StaySexy)
Fighter Technician
Bostor (2018), Earth


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