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SD 241805.19 Am I being punked?

Posted on Sat May 19th, 2018 @ 9:21pm by Commander Anakah Lance

Mission: Comedy of Errors

The cabin offered respite from her mom, and the ship offered her respite from herself. There were enough PADDs waiting for Anakah when she returned to the ship, she wasn’t sure she’d get all the paperwork done before the ship set off for its next mission. Lance didn’t mind the work, though, as it was a distraction from deeper, darker thoughts.

After about four solid hours of work, Anakah pushed herself up from her desk and took a couple of PADDS over to the couch. Nothing said she couldn’t be comfortable while working, right?

Being comfortable while reading through departmental reports, though, was dangerous. Lance felt her eyelids getting heavy, and tried to resist the urge to nap, though resistance was futile, as she eventually drifted off.

“Did you hear? There’s going to be a Captain’s panel on the main stage! They’ve got all of them! Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer. . . And that new one from Discovery!”

Someone bumped into Anakah, waking her up from her nap, but she couldn’t understand why there were people in her office.

“Sorry, lady. Nice ears. . .can’t even tell they’re fake!”

Anakah looked up to see a group of people standing near her. The one who spoke was a young woman wearing what looked like a medical or science uniform, and couldn’t help the confused look she gave. “What?”

“Your ears. Going for the Vulcan look? Your skin could be a bit more olive in complexion, but other than that, you look great. I don’t recognize the style of uniform. Is it some alternative universe design? Fanfic design?”

Looking down, Anakah was in her regular uniform, which made her even more confused. One of the other members of the group was looking through a. . .a booklet? Actual paper? He looked up, “After the Captain’s panel, Wil Wheaton and Brent Spiner are doing a photo op. I can’t wait! I have my Data doll in its original package!”

“Oh man. . .we better go if we want to see the Captain’s panel,” the woman who asked about Anakah’s ears stated. She looked back to Lance, “You look lost. Do you want to come with us? The Captains panel is a MUST attend!” She held her hand down, offering Anakah assistance.

The First Officer was very confused, but she took the hand and got to her feet. Sounding uncertain, she replied, “Sure. Thank you.” She glanced to the man holding the booklet, and it said something about a conference schedule. “Do you have a copy of the schedule I can look at?”

“Oh sure. Here, you can have this one. I grabbed two by mistake,” the woman answered.

Anakah gave a quiet thank you as she took the booklet and read the cover as she started to walk with the group that adopted her. None of them noticed when she stopped in her tracks.

2018 Boston Star Trek Convention? What the hell is that? Is it really 2018? What the actual hell? She tapped her comm badge, but didn’t hear it chirp. Looking around, she was thankful the group that almost adopted her kept going and there weren’t many people near her. She looked up, “Computer, arch.”

Nothing happened. Either she was in the most realistic dream ever, or she somehow got transported back to 2018 and was at something called a Star Trek convention where people wore. . .all kinds of Star Trek uniforms of various vintages. Turning around, Anakah almost walked right into a very tall, broad. . . Klingon, but it wasn’t a Klingon. It was someone dressed as a Klingon, and he spoke. . .very bad Klingon. She assumed he was trying to curse her, but half of what he said didn’t make sense.

Stepping away from the Klingon wanna-be, Lance started looking around, hoping to find a familiar face or two. What was going on??


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