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SD241805.26 || Joint Duty Log || "Lost in Space...and Time?"

Posted on Sat May 26th, 2018 @ 9:12pm by Sergeant Victoria Dolan & Commander Andrea Malone

Mission: Comedy of Errors

Malone wandered through the crowds looking for anyone who might seem as lost as her, or at least for familiar faces. The number of people wandering the halls was almost overwhelming at times. At one point, she got pulled into the heart of a bigger crowd, and found herself in a large hall. One half of the hall had a stage set up with a number of chairs lining the floor. The other half had rows upon rows of tables set up with people selling various odds and ends. Some were selling uniforms, others selling what looked like comm badges, and some selling what looked to be weapons.

The pilot was caught up looking around when she bumped into someone, nearly dropping her helmet in the process. “Oh. . .I’m sorry,” she said as she looked back in the direction she’d been walking, finding a familiar face. “Wait. . .you’re one of the Marines. . .Dolan, wasn’t it?”

"Oh, thanks the gods," Vic said, half under her breath and half to the commander.

She had been wandering around, lost and listening to people second-guess the viability of Marines in Star Trek for what seemed like forever. What the fuck was that, even?! She'd been trained to handle pressure, but this seemed like something else all together. Now she was very relieved to know she wasn't the only one trapped in this madness.

"Yes, sir," she said with a nod, standing a little straighter as training kicked in. "Sergeant Victoria Dolan, Commander Malone. Wondering what the fuck is going on."

Malone pulled the sergeant out of what seemed to be the main walking aisle so the pair wouldn’t get trampled, “You and me both, sergeant. All I know is we appear to be Boston, and in the year 2018 at something called a Star Trek convention. . .where people appear to be dressed in uniforms from various ages of Starfleet. I haven’t figured out if I’m delusional and hallucinating, though your presence here suggests not so much.”

Vic huffed out a breath. "Mass hallucinations aren't unheard of, sir," she said, keeping her voice as low as possible while still being heard, "but I don't believe that people prone to that sort of thing would make it either into the Marines or the aerospace corps."

Spitfire gave a wry smile, “For now, let’s assume this isn’t a mass hallucination. We need to figure out what happened and how. . . .how to get home. You don’t happen to have a secret passion for quantum physics, do you?”

"No, Commander," Vic replied, just as wry, "although I'm beginning to question my life choices." She took a deep breath and sighed. "If we are both here, I think we can work on the assumption that there are more of us, if not all of us, here too. We just have to find them."

Malone snorted, “Welcome to the Artemis. . .the ship that will make you question your life choices just about every mission.” She scanned the room and nodded as Vic offered an observation, “Great minds think alike because I was thinking the same thing. Let’s keep roaming and see if we can find anyone else, eh?”

Although she certainly would never admit it, Vic was almost nervous to do that. She wasn't sure what else they were going to find... "Yes, sir. I'm hoping we can find someone else. Maybe someone with a not-so-secret passion for quantum physics?"

“You didn’t happen to meet our new CEO, did you?” Malone asked, a smirk firmly planted on her lips as she started moving down the aisle. Mentally, Malone was going through a list of the Artemis crew as she scanned the crowd. She was looking for familiar faces, but also trying to think of anyone who might be able to offer not just an explanation of what was going on, but a solution on how to get home.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Commander Malone & Sergeant Dolan


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