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SD241805.27 Bean Town Blues

Posted on Sun May 27th, 2018 @ 8:24pm by Major S Pilgrim

Mission: Comedy of Errors

Major Pilgrim was walking towards his quarters when he suddenly felt extremely dizzy. He had just been drinking but he hadn't ventured anywhere near the passing out while walking territory, or at least that was his final thought as he did in fact pass out while walking.

"Herrrnggerrrg," Pilgrim groaned as he pushed himself up from an oddly patterned carpet in a narrow hallway. A long row of numbered doors stretched out before him. Each door had a metal handle sticking out from it. The brightly colored carpet with its strange pattern hurt his eyes and disoriented him. This was clearly not the Artemis. How had it been moved here?

Before Pilgrim could contemplate these questions for long, two Borg started marching down the hallway right towards him. I guess that answers that, he thought. Pilgrim looked down at his empty hands and tried to think quickly for a plan, but nothing was coming to mind. This was a pretty simple scenario with no options. Pilgrim wasn't much for running, at least not away from the fight. Pilgrim started to sprint down the hallway towards his captors. He'd die but at least he'd die with some honor. As he neared the two Borg he noticed something odd as he slammed the top of his head into the face of the one on the right. They had looked surprised. Shocked. Maybe even afraid.

The borg he'd chosen to slam into flew backwards to the floor and Pilgrim's momentum caused him to follow him to the ground. He pushed himself up quickly and pulled his fist back to smash his foe until the other one shot him with his weapon, but he stopped himself suddenly. This "borg" was jabbering and wailing. Its face was covered in tears and blood, and it was squirming trying to push itself away from Pilgrim quickly. He could now hear the other one behind him was berating him loudly and clearly afraid. "WHAT THE FUCK MAN?!? GET OFF MY FRIEND! SOMEBODY HELP US!" it shouted. Pilgrim got to his feet and stood over the fallen one and saw that it was just a human with some kind of disguise on. This was a man pretending to be a Borg. What the fuck indeed, he thought. Now he saw there was some kind of tag hanging from the man. It read "2018 Boston Star Trek Convention"

2018. Boston. He was in Boston? Pilgrim turned to the man he handn't ruined the face of and grabbed him by the shoulders. "SAY CAR!" he shouted. The man was still clearly shocked by the attack and stuttered "Whu..whu..what?" Pilgrim shook him. "Say the word 'CAR'!" The man took a breath and said "Cah."

Yep, I'm in Boston, Pilgrim thought to himself as he turned and took off down the hall. He had to find a way out of here.


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