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SD201805.27 || Joint Duty Log || "You've Got to be Kidding Me..."

Posted on Mon May 28th, 2018 @ 1:20am by Lieutenant Shinandra Alleir & Sergeant Thomas Buckley

Mission: Comedy of Errors

=/\= Earth, Boston, Night's Rest Hotel =/\=

If he had not been trained to deal with psychologically stressful situations and put up with interrogation by the enemy Buck felt sure that this time he had truly gone insane. As it was he was on edge and expecting attack at any moment. Marines and crew members had been lost in the last mission and he was damned if they would be again. That how he had awoken was a cosmic practical joke waiting to pull out knives had crossed his mind scores of times.

He peered over the throng below him from a balcony walkway, leaning upon the railing in the best clothing he had been able to scrounge. He had had a rude awakening, stark naked and driven out of some en suite bathroom by what, upon reflection, had been the husband of a honeymooning couple. That had been how his day had started and it slid downwards from there. Snatching a pair of loose fitting joggers and a hoody with the words 'Kirk is coming, get busy' he had managed to evade the poor security at this....event.

"I hate this place and everyone in it" he muttered to himself as he tried to formulate some kind f plan.

He was alone as far as he could tell, he had not seen Dolan or any of the other marines. No Pilgrim either. They were units by nature so he knew that they would gravitate to each other as best as they could. How long and how successful they would be though he was unsure. Alone he could survive but he would be lying if he didn't admit to feeling isolated.

"Star Trek, Star Trek, Star Trek...what in the bloody hells in this Star Trek? And why do they dress like a catalogue who's who of the galaxy?" he asked himself with frustration.

Maybe I am going insane he told himself, pulling back the hood and raking his fingers back though his hair with a sigh.

"You look like a familiar face."

A female voice came from behind Buck as he stood at the railing. Nandra saw him as she was walking up, looking around entirely bewildered. She knew every face on the ship, since she was a doctor, although she knew he might not recognize her. Hurrying up, just for the safety of familiar, she stood close and spoke low. "Sergeant," she said. "I'm Lieutenant Alleir, of the Artemis."

For a split second he had the notion that yet another one of these...convention goers...was trying to engage him in some kind of ritual conversation. He had seen it repeated, with differing ranks stated each time, by almost everyone in those uniforms. Turning his head to see the newcomer though eased his fears and gave a small glimmer of hope. He knew her by face, if not name until now. He was sure she had helped treat a number of him marines here and there.

"Nice to see someone from the Artemis Alleir, you're the first I've seen so far. This place, stranger than our usual locales. I take it I'm the first you've seen too?" he asked in a mirrored low tone.

"Wouldn't happen to know where we are or what damned thing brought us here would you?" he asked. He knew the answer already but truthfully he was just happy to know he wasn't deluded, insane or alone.

"I know what I've been told," she replied hesitantly, "but I don't know if it's real or not. They say we're in Boston, on Earth. In the twenty-first century."

He didn't know what to say at first though the surprise that flashed across his face was clear until it was replaced with his usual half-frown. He shook his head and squeezed the railing slightly without a word. It didn't make sense! He had been on the Artemis and now he was in Boston in the past? He wondered whether, considering the sheet of events the Artemis had, the admiralty just sent people to serve on her to mess with them. Whether their missions were some form of gigantic experimentation. He grumbled to himself a bit.

"You've got to be shitting me," he said finally in a tired voice, "we should sell tickets to fly with us. The one thing we aren't is boring. I really wish I had my rifle"

"But it doesn't make sense," he stated after a few more moments, "last thing I remember is having a shower and then...waking up in this place. I don't remember any disturbances, collisions or attacks. Anything..." he trailed off, looking at her to see if she had anything secret to share, knowing he was not so lucky.

"I don't remember anything either," she said. "I had gotten off a very long shift and had gone to bed." She looked at herself, in her disheveled uniform. "I didn't even both to get out of my uniform before passing out on the bed. Then I woke up here. I was in a bathroom!"

He snorted and took in her uniform. Wasn't that bad all things considered.

"At least you had clothes," he noted with a bit of amusement before breathing deeply and putting on his duty face for the first time since his arrival. it was easier with someone else from the Artemis present, "what do you say we stick together...and see what we can find out? Never know, might bump into others along the way. If this is some strange game it'll be better to keep moving anyway" he said, turning to look at her properly.

"Yes," she agreed quickly, nodding. "Let's stay together. I really don't want to wander around this place by myself anymore. We need to try to find whoever else we can. We can't be the only ones...can we?"

"For a while I thought it was just me," he said, beginning to move towards the stairs at a casual pace so she could match it, "but seeing you...I'd think there will be others. Maybe the whole crew. Either way we're not alone anymore so you need not worry about that" he continued as they began to descend towards the main floor. She sounded more unsettled than he felt and that made him feel the need to project more confidence, even if it was just as much for himself.

It was going to be another one of those weeks and sometimes it was sheer will that got you through.


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