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SD241806.01 || Joint Duty Log || "We Need an Effin Plan"

Posted on Sat Jun 2nd, 2018 @ 3:37am by Lieutenant Shinandra Alleir & Lieutenant JG Jessica Smith & Sergeant Thomas Buckley

Mission: Comedy of Errors

As it turned out, this...convention center was huge. There was a ton of floor space on the bottom and then multiple floors. They seemed to have satellite setups outside as well, so finding someone turned out to be harder than anticipated.

They had been walking for nearly an hour and Shinandra, though not usually prone to anxiety, was beginning to feel nervous. The sergeant seemed to sense it.

"We'll find them, solve this problem, get out of here and then have more drinks than we have a right to have," Buck said, putting on a warmer, more relaxed face, "while we keep our eyes open...enjoy being a medical officer?" he asked, seeking something to distract them both.

"I do," she agreed quietly. "Once I left home, I knew I wanted to help people." She smiled a little up at him. "What about you? Like being a Marine?"

"I did, then I didn't for a I enjoy the serving, protecting, doing things others can't. The adrenaline can be fun. Not all roses but enough to get me through. I guess it's grown on me since coming aboard. It's the thing I know best. Helping people though...that's a better thing. Something to live for. A recipe for proud parents so I'm told. Were was home? Earth?"

They were weaving through yet another crowd, looking in on a few stalls as they passed in case there were any clues or crew. So far they had come up empty handed. It was difficult to distinguish crew from normal people given the number of...well he presumed that they were costumes from the way people spoke. He was getting tired of tapping people on the shoulder and being disappointed. He should just shout, he knew, but he doubted he'd have been heard much over the hubbub.

"You would think," Nandra replied without really thinking about it, too busy looking for fellow crew. A hint of bitterness crept into her voice. "But I actually went against four generations of my family to do so, so no, they weren't particularly proud." She thought she saw one of the nurses, but then was disappointed. "I was born on New Babel Colony on Erris II. A bit ways from Earth."

"That takes strength and courage," he said after a few moments, pausing to look at her directly after hearing the bitterness, "two things that I see as the best traits someone can have. People with both can be rare" he finished, turning back to the search just in time to face a collision that forced him back bodily as the arms wrapped around him like a vice. His palms came up for a fight and diverted at the last moment when he noticed the uniform.

"Oh gods thankyouthanyouthankyou," the words were muffled in his chest but still audible, he raised an eyebrow at Alleir as he prised her off of him and her tousled, dirty hair fell away from her face, "I thought I was alone. Kate wasn't there and we were working together on the replicators on Deck 5 and then...then..." Jessica spread her arms wide to indicate where they were with exasperation.

"You know who we are? Who are you?" Buck asked for want of anything else entering his brain after the surprise.

"Smith, Lieutenant Junior Grade Jessica Smith. Engineer. Course I know who you are Buckley, had to fix up the firing range more than I can count since you had your marines on it every day and Alleir is the best doc on the ship far as I'm concerned," Jess managed a sniffle followed by a relieved smile, "can't believe how nice it feels not being by myself. I woke up in a bin! A bin!" she said with the communication of the scandal in her tone.

"Sounds like no one had a happy waking," Nandra said with a weak smile. "Well, at least now we have each other, and let's stick together. This place is fucking huge--excuse my language--and I don't feel too keen to get lost here again."

"Agreed," Buck said with a nod as Jess made a jest about a filthy mouth that he ignored, "we need to change it up. Be more methodical. What does everyone need? That they could find here and will eventually head towards?"

"Food? Bathroom? Ooooh, I see what you're doing. Very pretty. Go where they will right?"

"Maybe. At least we will save ourselves our feet if we stop by somewhere a while. Alleir, any ideas?"

"While I would agree that everyone will eventually need a bathroom," Nandra said, "I think us staking one out is going to be a problem for the others who are here. Plus, I imagine there will be multiple such locations through a building of this size. Food, however... There may just be one food location? And to have people sitting there for a while will not stand out as odd. I vote we look for that."

"Sounds about right," he nodded slowly, trying to think a few steps further ahead to what happened if no one turned up before deciding to cross it if it came, "might as well keep moving then, might even get something to eat too at least.

"How? We have no...whatever they use" Jess chipped in, her tone growing warmer as she relaxed a bit in company.

"Good thing I had to find some clothes then" he said, pulling out what turned out to be a wallet and slipping it back. He had seen the paper being used and it didn't look too hard to grasp.

He suited his words and set them going, following their noses along the way.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Sergeant Buckley, Lieutenant Alleir & Junior Lieutenant Smith


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