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SD241806.01 || Joint Duty Log || "Not-So-Comforting Reality"

Posted on Fri Jun 1st, 2018 @ 4:44pm by Captain Brynhild Kleim & Commander Anakah Lance & Major S Pilgrim

Mission: Comedy of Errors

Brynhild had already dodged two security guards asking for her "convention pass," which she'd had no idea what that was at the time but it seemed to be a grave offense to be here without one. Eventually, she narrowed it down to a rectangular piece of plastic with some writing inside that everyone wore around their necks on laces or clipped to their clothing. She still didn't really know what it was, but she knew what it looked like and had managed to steal one off a table.

Was stealing part of a Starfleet officer's code? Certainly not, and she did feel bad about it, but she also knew that survival and blending in with the natives as important, so she erred on the side of cautious thievery while trying to find her crew...

“Captain?!” Lance called out from across the hall. She had to dodge a mix of what she thought were supposed to be Klingons, Breen and Orions, and almost got swept away by a group of redshirts before she managed to make it to Kleim, “I can’t tell you how relieved I am to see you. . .I feel like I’ve walked through the looking glass.”

"I would almost say we had and call this a bad repeat of what happened to the Enterprise all those decades ago, except I haven't seen any evil versions of ourselves," Brynna said wryly. "It's good to see you, Commander. This is just mayhem. I don't suppose you've found anyone else, have you?"

"IT WAS A WICKED PISSAH!" said a drunken man in the strange local dialect as Major Pilgrim walked by him and his party. Pilgrim shuddered as he kept walking. He had to figure out what was going on. Was he in some kind of simulation somewhere? Had he traveled through time? Suddenly he spotted the only two normal things he'd seen since he had lost consciousness, his Captain and XO. At least, they very much looked like the Captain and XO. Pilgrim made a beeline for them.

Lance shook her head, “You are the first familiar person I’ve seen.” She heard someone shout something and looked in that direction, which was when she saw another familiar face, “Major!” She looked from Pilgrim to the Captain and back again, “Do you think if we stand in one place long enough, the rest of the crew will find us?”

With each person from her crew she saw, Brynna felt a little better. "Major," she said with a firm nod. "It's good to see you." She looked at Lance and shook her head. "Either that or security. They do have that here, although some seem more interested in doing their job than others." She lifted the piece of plastic around her neck. "This seems to have value to them. I think people pay a monetary fee to come to this and this indicates they've paid and are allowed to be here. Guess who doesn't have this?"

"I think your assessment of the badges is correct. I know a couple of Borg drones what would be happy to relinquish theirs. They are back the way I came," Major Pilgrim said.

"Borg?" Brynna asked, brows knitting. "So... This Star Trek thing has Borg? And is has all the other races we know so well...although also some we don't." She frowned harder, looking around at the crowd milling and passing by. "They have borg and they think it's a good idea to dress up like them? What's wrong with these people?"

Lance shook her head, "If this really is the year 2018 and we're in Boston, then we're a long way from first contact. Aliens are things of imagination and entertainment. Is it possible. . .do you think we could have been moved not just in time, but to a different reality?"

Brynna blew out a breath. "From what I've seen, and now heard, I would say it's not only's likely. How else can we explain this?"

"I would have to agree," Pilgrim replied. "We could also be in some kind of holodeck type simulation. But then again, we could have been in the simulation the whole time and are in real reality now..."

"That's a comforting thought. Thank you, Major," Brynna said dryly. "Alright, we need to find the rest of the crew and form a plan. We need to avoid security. We should try to find some of these plastic things for you guys too." She paused. "Although we are not taking them from the Borg!"

=/\= End Log =/\=

OOC: Plot stuff coming soon!

Captain Brynhild Kleim, Commander Anakah Lance, and Major S. G. Pilgrim


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