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SD 241805.30 || Personal Log || Parent Trap

Posted on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 2:15am by Ensign Aemyah "Mantis"

Mission: Comedy of Errors

“Ding…… Ding” Her head seemed to feel as if it were ten times the size it should be. Her body too, felt heavier than normal. The chime to her guest quarters on the station had rudely awoken her from a deep intoxicated slumber. She had fully intended on ignoring the intrusion, but the chime repeated itself several times.

“Alright… Alright… I’m coming! Stop pressing that damn button!” Aemyah shrilled as she dragged herself from the bed and walked several feet to the entry way. The quarters were small, spartan and even lacked a window. It was what she could get at her current rank, being fresh from graduation. It was certainly better than having to share, which she would have to do on the Artemis.

The doors swished open as she stood in front of them. Upon processing who was on the other side, she had immediately regretted getting up at all. “Mom… Dad….” The two of them stood in front of her now, dressed in their Starfleet uniforms, looking less than pleased. At least her father showed that more so, her mother’s calm and neutral Vulcan expression would mislead most but having known her for most of her life, she too even had a slight hint of disapproval on her face.

“It is agreeable to see you Aemyah.” Her mother stated this lightly as she lead the way into her quarters, her father in tow. “We have been trying to contact you for some time now. Your father got his colleague at Starfleet Security to track you down.” Aemyah took notice of her mother discreetly looking about, trying to not let on. To her own horror, there were several empty liquor bottles on the floor next to her bed.

“We had a visit by Mark.” The Vulcan woman continued. “He told us that you called off the engagement.”

“Called it off. More like made an embarrassment of yourself and this family!” Her father, who had up to that point maintained his composure, let loose his fury. “What were you thinking Aemyah?! Where is this coming from?? First you join the aerospace corps against our wishes. And now you break off your engagement without even talking with us about it??”

The two of them did have some justification to be upset with her. She had acted rather irrationally in dealing with Mark. To them, it would have seemed like it came out of no where. “Father. Let’s not bring up my career choice again. We let that be years ago.” She gave him an intense stare down for a few moments. “As for Mark.” She gestured for both to sit down at the small breakfast table, as she assumed a seat on the edge of her bed.

“Yes. That was rather sudden from your viewpoint. But, it should have happened months ago if not a year.” She grabbed a hair elastic off the night stand and pulled her hair back. “It would have never worked. We had entirely different ideas of where we wanted to go and what to do with our lives.”

“Aemyah. Your actions have been most illogical. In fact, I would present that they have been most irrational. And..” Her mother looked down at the evidence of the prior nights partying at the pilot’s club on the station.

“I’m a grown adult mother. And I am not a Vulcan. I do not live my life by logic, I never have, and you know that.” She looked at both of them for a moment before continuing. “I’m going to live my life the way I want. Both of you have been so wonderful to me and have raised me well, I love you and am so thankful you saved me from a life of…. Well… I don’t even want to think about it… But you must understand that I am going to make mistakes, have fun and…”

“We know that Aemyah.” Her father chirped in once again. “We just wish you wouldn’t shut us out and make drastic life decisions like that without talking with us. Or in the very least letting us hear it from you. We deserve better than that.”

“You do…” The Orion got up and moved over to the two of them and embraced them both. They were about as odd a family as there could be. A human, Vulcan and Orion but they were family. “How about we go for brunch?”

… Some time later

It was well after her parents had departed. The ensign had gathered her belongings and items from the guest quarters on the station and made her way back to the Artemis. Officers and crew were now allowed to board and get settled in.

Aemyah had made it to her quarters and entered, much to the relief of no one else being there yet. She was still tired and very hung over from the night prior, and now with some sustenance in her stomach, sleep was very much calling her name. She plopped down onto the bed and with much effort, slid under the covers. Within moments she had fallen asleep.

“Miss?” Ugh. Another sound? Why was is so hard for her to get some sleep. “Leave me alone.” She brushed her hand in the air. “Miss are you okay?” Aemyah opened her eyes to find herself on a cold, tile floor of some bright room. She looked up to see someone dressed up, rather badly as a Ferengi. “What in the…”

“You do know there isn’t any alcohol allowed on these permeances? At least not outside of the convention ball room during the dance. Are you okay?”

Aemyah stood and looked around the room. It appeared to be some sort of lavatory. “Where am I?”

“Wow. Your make up is really good. There isn’t even so much as a smudge on the tile floor.” The Ferengi woman seemed impressed. “Dear.. You must really have had too much to drink.. You must be more careful. If security had seen you, you’d be banned from the convention.”

“Convention… What convention??” Aemyah moved over to the sink and looked at herself in the mirror. Had she lost her mind?


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