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SD 241806.18 || Joint Duty Log || "Breaking In Isn't Hard to Do"

Posted on Tue Jun 19th, 2018 @ 2:15am by Lieutenant Commander Mirabella Basso

Mission: Comedy of Errors
Location: Boston (2018), Earth

Getting closer Téa recognized the women, "commander. It's good to see you. Do you know what's going on?" She asked.

Brawler rubbed the back of her neck, jumping a little when someone spoke to her. She spun around with her hands up, ready for a fight. An observant person could notice there was already traces of blood on her knuckles, since she'd already thrown a few fits.

She blinked, trying to place the other woman. One of the Marines, she was pretty sure. "I have no fucking idea," she said coarsely. Brawler hadn't grown up with a silver spoon in her mouth, as the saying went. "I was just getting some sleep and next thing I knew, someone says I can't be sleeping in the kitchen. I've been wandering around trying to figure out what's what, but I'm hardly believing my eyes."

"Same," Téa said noticing her knuckles and also enjoying the brashness of the commander, "......we were 86'd from a bar." She said with a chuckle. "I mean other's must of come with us?" She added looking at the people in line with uniforms but not everyone was in uniforms.

"I fucking hope so," Brawler said. Over the years and her climb to the rank of lieutenant commander, she had learned to tame most of her coarse nature, but the stress of this situation made it all spill right back out. "I haven't found anyone else yet, but it's hard to tell. I mean... Look at these people. What the hell is this? I saw Borg. BORG. They were back there in a hallway, but the way they were wailing and one holding a bloody nose made it clear they weren't really. They were just people dressed up like them."

"Shit!" Devrim said looking at the line as he started remembering something from a stupid 21st century Earth show. "........shit! This is a convention.......yeah apparently it was a big thing back in the 21st century on Earth."

Brawler stared at him like he had just sprouted a second head. "A convention? What the fuck is a convention? And what does that have to do with this?"

"Commander you need to take a deep breath," Téa said looking at Brawler, "......right now we can blend in and figure out what happened. We need to find others. We need to get inside. Devrim we need those pass things around their necks." Devrim nodded.

It was a near thing, but Brawler just managed to stop herself from punching the corporal in the mouth. "I hope those will do what we need them to do. What's the significance of the plastic bits," she said thoughtfully, grinding her back teeth together. "We might have to figure out other ways in if that doesn't work. I know I don't want to be out here still at night, since we have no idea where the fuck everyone else is. I'd be shocked if a bunch of them weren't already inside."

"Side entrance?" Devrim suggested looking at the commander and back to Téa knowing that she wasn't gonna back down. "And us fighting each other isn't gonna help us get out of this situation. So lets work together."

"I thought that's what I was doing, Sergeant," Brawler said flatly, wondering if he was an empath since she thought her latest response was perfectly calm. Unless he just assumed that swearing automatically meant being combative? But fuck, he was a Marine. He should know better. "We need to understand what we're doing as we do it as well, or else we're going to stand out more than we already might be and not in a good way."

"I think our best bet is a side entrance." Téa said looking around as she had to guess which side they would find the entrance they were looking for. "Alley way I guess would be the best bet." She added.

"That would be my guess, so let's go check it out," Brawler agreed as the verbal tirade continued in her brain...

Téa found a sip entrance, "over here." She called out looking around for something to use. It's been awhile since she came across a door using a non-digital lock. "Shit! Anyone got like a bobby pin?"

Brawler blinked at the term. "A what? Oh, a hair pin. Uh, no. I never use them." She subconsciously touched her hair, which was loose at the moment. "If only I had my phaser..." She started looking around the aisle, spotting a strange metal thing, but there was a thin part. She grabbed it and wiped it on her shirt, then handed it over. "This work?"

"Yeah," Téa said looking at the piece of metal slipping it into the lock luckily the lock was not great after few seconds she heard a click. "Alright we are in." Téa said slipping the piece of metal into her back pocket and pulling the door open, "come one let's go!"

"Go on," Brawler said, nodding at the sergeant to precede her into the darkness before she following, letting the corporal cover their six. Once inside, it took a moment to adjust to the dimly lit corridor, but at least she didn't see anyone else inside. After a moment, she tilted her head and listened. "I hear dishes clanking. There is a kitchen that way. Could pretend to be waitstaff."

Téa thought about it, "I think we are better off with just walking through and claiming that we got lost." Devrim said, "seeing as we don't know where they keep their uniforms and whatnot or if they even have people wandering the floor."

She gave them both a dry look. "That's the purpose of reconnaissance. Fact is, we're going to be fish out of water no matter what we try to pretend around here until we know more."

"The other rule for recon is to keep it simple and easy. And the easiest thing is lost whatever people are called going to these things." Téa said looking down the corridor towards where the kitchen is. "Path is clear let's go."

"Yes, sir," Brawler said sarcastically, glancing back the other way down the corridor to check the rear before moving along the hallway toward the kitchen. Her temper was still rising and rising fast, but she had at least by now learned how to keep it under control.

The clanking grew louder and the sound of several voices came into the hallway before they were even to the doors, but judging from the size of the place, a big kitchen was likely.

Just as they were drawing near, a young woman came out and into the hall. She was tapping a pack of something against her wrist with her head down, just barely stopping short of running into them. She looked at them with surprise and then frowned. "Hey, y'all aren't supposed to be back here."

Devrim took this one. "We are a bit lost we are with the convention. I think we took a left when we should've taken a right. Can you show us back to the main area?"

The woman arched a brow at them. "Man, you'd have to take about seven wrong lefts to get back here. They put the drudgers in the dungeon. If y'all didn't have a room and wanted some privacy, fine, I don't judge. But come on, we make food back here. Y'all gotta go." She looked longingly at the package in her hands. "There goes my smoke break," she said, forlorn. "Come on, I'll get you back to the floor. Make sure your badges are visible, though. Security is majorly uptight after someone punched a Borg kid in the face."

She turned and started walking. Brawler looked at the others and then followed, trying not to think too much about what the woman had said.

"Thank you." Devrim said pushing pass the women. "Very much appreciated." Once they were back on the main floor which had thinned as the day went on. "Looks like things are closing down?"

"Yeah," Téa said as they continued to wander through the crowds. "Look at that that crowd has broke off."

Brawler was just about to comment on that when a voice, disembodied like the Artemis's computer was when the AI wasn't speaking for it, filled the space.

'Attention all convention-goers. The adult mixer will begin at seven-thirty in the Walters Ballroom. If you are going to remain at the convention, please make your way to the ballroom on time. Other areas of the convention will be closed until tomorrow. Thank you.'

The pilot frowned. "Does anyone know what time it is? Seven-thirty, that's another way of saying nineteen-thirty hours..." She looked around, spying the windows and a hint of sunset. "I'm betting it's not far away. We're either going to need to head that way or find a place to bunk down." She considered for a moment. Not seeing any good options for the latter, she chose the former. "Come on, let's see if we can find the Walters Ballroom."

"Agreed." Devrim said hoping that they didn't need a budge to also get into the mixer. Téa just nodded in agreement.

With that, the three of them made their way through the halls. There were a few signs to direct them to the appropriate place, and they filtered in with the rest of the crowd. Brawler was crossing her mental fingers that they would find the rest of the crew here.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant Commander Mirabella 'Brawler' Basso (Bella) & Corporal Téa Black (StaySexy)


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