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SD241806.15 || Joint Duty Log || "One to Beam Out"

Posted on Fri Jun 15th, 2018 @ 7:25pm by Captain Brynhild Kleim & Commander Anakah Lance & Major S Pilgrim

Mission: Comedy of Errors

By the time evening arrived, Brynna at least had a clue as to what this Star Trek thing was, although it amazed her that it could amass this many people in one place. There was a strange... It was almost like a shared delusion in all of the costumes and play-acting that everyone was doing. It wasn't that she judged anyone for their hobbies, but it was mind-warping to see her life as their hobby.

The crowds began to thin out and it became easier to find some of their other crew, who now--with varying degrees of covertness--followed her, the first officer, and the marine commander.

'Attention all convention-goers. The adult mixer will begin at seven-thirty in the Walters Ballroom. If you are going to remain at the convention, please make your way to the ballroom on time. Other areas of the convention will be closed until tomorrow. Thank you.'

"I suppose that means we either have to go to the mixer, whatever that is, or find a place to stay," the captain commented in a low voice to the others.

Major Pilgrim made a disgusted face. "Mixer? I'm not sure I want to be 'adult mixed'. What is that supposed to mean?"

Sighing and rubbing the back of her neck, Brynna said, "I don't know... It sounds familiar, though. I feel like it was something back from the academy." She glanced at her first officer. "Do you recognize it?" Truth was that the academy years were probably closer to Lance's recollection than Brynna's.

Lance allowed a small smile as she nodded, “A mixed is like a get together, or a place where you can mix and mingle with others. I think the goal is to find someone to hook up with or at least just find someone like-minded to enjoy the time least that’s how I remember it. There is usually alcohol involved, and a drink sounds like a solid plan right now.”

"Oh. Ooooh," Major Pilgrim began, "That's way different than I was imagining. Sounds like something we should do. I need a drink, and maybe we'll find some more of our people."

"Agreed," Brynna said. "I could use a few drinks." She looked around at the crowd, which was considerably less than earlier, and then back at the part of her crew they'd managed to meet up with. "Besides, it sounds like we won't be given a choice but to go to the mixer, unless we want to deal with finding a place to stay now. Though we'll probably have to deal with it later. For now, though, I'd like to focus on finding as many of our people as we can."

The Major took point and followed some people making their way to the indicated ballroom. The small group of Artemis refuges filed their way into the large darkened room. The space was inhabited by the same sorts of costumed people they had seen before, but now many of them appeared to have beverages and there was what Pilgrim could only guess was meant to be music playing. "Well, this must be a mixer. Over there seems to be a bar. I'm for it," he said and made off to the bar.

As is often the case in the universe, however, the bar is where the trouble started.

"Oh my God!" a female voice all but squealed from Pilgrim's right side. "That is the best Fleet Marine uniform I think I've ever seen!" Standing beside him was a petite brunette with wide blue eyes and a gaping, grinning mouth. "The detail is incredible! Where did you get it!?"

Pilgrim tried very hard to not grimace and walk away. He knew he had to try to blend in if there were any hope in finding refuge for the night, and eventually figuring out what was happening. "Uh...I made it," he said, "Yeah. I made it with....cloth."

The young woman--early 20s at a guess--was undeterred, although she did laugh. "Well, I figured that much! I mean, what else would you make it out of, bottle caps? Although that would be even more impressive!"

Pilgrim forced out a laugh. "Ha! Yeah. Bottle cups! Who would do that, right?" he replied and looked over at his Captain with his best ONE TO BEAM UP look.

"Uh oh," Brynna said suddenly.

Arching a brow, Anakah looked to her CO, “What is it?”

While Pilgrim had made his beeline for the bar, the women had hung back for a few moments to look around. Now the captain turned her attention to the bar and her marine captain, and spotted the problem. "Looks like the major has found a follower, and she's not one of our crew..."

Lance watched as the woman seemed to follow at the Major’s feet, and it looked as if she hadn’t stopped talking. Has she even taken a breath? Unable to help th smirk, Anakah looked back to Brynna, “She is not subtle, is she? Should we...rescue him?”

"It would be terrible if I said I was almost tempted not to and see what happens, wouldn't it?" the captain replied with a faint smirk of her own.

Meanwhile, Miss Overenthusiastic was still talking and totally missing the expression on his face. "You'd be surprised!" she laughed. "I saw one girl here one time with her entire outfit made out of duct tape. Can you imagine? I figured it had to chafe something awful."

Suddenly, Pilgrim had an idea. "Yeah. I can...imagine that would," he said and moved very close to the woman. "So, you've got a room, right? What do you say we go there? I could tell you all about this suit's construction."

Lance watched Pilgrim interact with the woman, and her smirk grew, “it might be terrible, but I think...I think we should let him rescue himself. Who knows? She could turn into an asset.” The puns were screaming in her mind, but she ignored them...or tried to, at least.

Somehow, the girl was undeterred. She just laughed. "Dude!" she exclaimed. "I don't even know your name and you're already trying to get into my room? I've heard every con pickup line in the book. You need to work on yours."

Pilgrim quickly gulped his whole drink down. He excitedly pointed somewhere behind the woman. "Holy shit! Look at her costume!" he yelled and bolted when she turned to look. He then made his way over to the Captain and Commander. "Man down," he said, "Any ideas?"

Brynna couldn't help but arch a brow at Pilgrim when he suddenly appeared beside them. "Did the commander of my ship's Marines honestly just run away from a girl?" she asked with an amused smirk.

"I prefer to think of it as running toward new opportunities," Pilgrim replied. "We had just grown apart."

Arching a brow, Lance gave Pilgrim a flat look, “Uh huh. See this? This is my convinced face.” She gave a wry smirk, “You will never live that down, Major.”

"Seconded," Brynna said, feeling glad that they were able to enjoy a moment of levity among all these, even if it was at Pilgrim's expense. "It doesn't get us very far, though. We still need to figure out what we're going to do tonight, and first try to find the rest of the crew. Since we're all in the same place and will continue to be, I think it's safer to split up now and scout the crowd."

=/\= End Log =/\=

Captain Kleim, Commander Lance, and Major Pilgrim


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