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SD 241806.25 || Joint Duty Log || "Figuring It Out"

Posted on Tue Jun 26th, 2018 @ 12:15am by Captain Brynhild Kleim & Ensign Zihisa Zatyl & Crewman Talee Malena

Mission: Comedy of Errors
Location: Walters Ballroom

The duo finally made it into the ballroom it was packed or it felt more packed with it being a much more smaller and confined space. Picking up two bottles of water Talee handed one to Zihisa, "......better keep hydrated." Talee said still scanning the room trying to find anyone that she could recognize which was tough seeing as she got assigned to the Artemis before this happened.

Several of the officers from the group that Brynna had amassed had now split up to filter through the ballroom and seek out any other members of the crew. The captain was searching every face while trying very hard to not look like she was searching every face, lest she gain the attention of security. As she did this, she also wracked her brain for every personnel file she had read since reattaining this command.

Her brown eyes fell on a pair of women. Neither of them were immediately familiar, but she caught sight of a Cardsasian face inside the hood of one's sweatshirt... This was by far not the first Cardassian--or person dressed in the makeup to become one--that she'd seen, but this one looked to be hiding it and that stood out. She thought fast and ensign. In Engineering.

And so, she made her way through the crowd over to them...

Zihisa was glad for the water it helped to clear her still severely foggy brain. Slowly she lowered her hood realizing that she didn't actually needed it in here. She just had to remember that she needed to show that it was makeup/prosthetics. "Do we see anyone yet?" Zihisa asked knowing that they both just joined the crew.

"May maybe," Talee said spotting a women heading towards them. "Is is that the captain?" Talee nodded towards the women. Zihisa looked where Talee was looking and nodded and slowly taking a few steps towards her.

Kleim reached the women, still wracking her memory over details. "Ensign...Zatyl?" she said cautiously, not entirely sure she remembered exactly. After all, she had read every personnel record but there were hundreds of people on her ship. It was hard to remember them all.

"Yes." Zihisa said looking around the room starting for safer now that they found someone else with them.

"Crewmen Malena ma'am." Talee added quickly as well. "Do we know what happened or where we are?" The crewmen asked.

"Ensign, Crewman," Brynna said with a nod to each of them, followed by a rueful smile and speaking in a low voice. "How? No idea. Yet. Where... It would seem that we have all ended up in the 2018 in the city of Boston, on Earth. We are at some sort of...gathering for people who like a television show called...Star Trek, which shares very disconcerting similarities to our world."

Zihisa was confused even with the history courses she took at the Academy there was still a lot of Earth history she didn't know about. "Same timeline or different?" Talee asked knowing enough about Earth history or at least entertainment history that Earthers enjoyed their alternate reality/timeline Sci-Fi shows.

The captain sighed. "I've yet to find a way to determine that conclusively," she said. "However, everything in my head says this is an alternate reality of some sort. I've never heard of any sort of twenty-first century entertainment that was foretelling our future, you know? I'm seeing Borg, Vulcans, Bajorans...and there's no way that anyone in our own 2018 could've known that."

Zihisa said feeling slightly better now she removed the hood. "How many others have you found?"

"I'm not sure of the exact numbers," Brynna said, turning her head to look around and spot the crew she recognized that were lingering and searching. "But definitely not the whole crew. Quite a few, though. And since this mixer is required if you're not planning to leave or go to a room, I'm hoping to find more." She looked between the two women. "I take it you haven't found any others until now?"

"No. We were lucky and awoke in the same library as each other." Talee said looking around the mixer. "In fact we just got in as the announcement for the mixer was being made."

The captain stifled a disconcerted sound in her throat before it escaped. "I hope there aren't too many more of our crew stuck outside instead of in here," she commented. "Well, there are quite a few of us here but there's also a large crowd and in this single room, it's not always easy to spot people. We've spread out through the room, singly or in pairs, to seek out any other crew to let them know that we're all here. That is your directive now as well. Particularly if anyone spots our chief engineer. No one has seen him yet, and I think a few engineering minds together--maybe with our stratops people--could go a long way to start theorizing what has happened."

Zihisa nodded knowing that either it had to be a device that did this or something or someone. "Do you think a Q could have done this or a 'Caretaker'?" She asked mentioning a couple of the someones that were powerful enough to do something like this. If that was the case they were extreme trouble.

"It's possible," Brynna had to concede, whether she liked it or not. "I wonder, though, if it's a Q... It seems an awful long time for one of them to just watch. Wouldn't they have made some sort of appearance by now, to mess with us like they have a history of doing."

Nodding again the captain was right Qs were known for doing this and then appearing and putting down rules or riddles on how to get out of it. "We also should assume that if it wasn't a Q or 'Caretaker' whatever the device that was used there has to bestow, right?" Zihisa half-suggested and asked. "I mean......." Zihisa started but stopped realizing how far out of field she was.

Brynna smiled slightly and nodded. "What do you mean, Ensign? Right now, left field ideas are the best we have. I came up as a fighter pilot rather than a scientist."

"I mean like a wormhole. You need the entrance and exit point. I wold assume traveling through time is the same." Zihisa said, "......and let's also assume either you awoke inside the convention or near it the device has to be near by."

"That makes sense," Brynna agreed. "You said you two woke up in a library? Was it in this building or outside of it? If outside, how far did you have to walk to get here?"

"Outside. Maybe 20 minuets no more then 25." Talee said looking around the room.

The captain nodded slowly. "The average humanoid walking speed is roughly five to six kilometers an hour, so twenty minutes would be maybe around two kilometers... That's a pretty big radius. What sort of power would a device have to have to drop people in big a circle?"

"Big. As we are assuming the entirety of the Artemis crew was brought here. My guess it'll take up a big portion of a basement." Zihisa said wishing she had access to PADDs or just access to Memory Alpha for data.

"The basement..." Brynna repeated thoughtfully. "I think it looks like we need to find a way downstairs."

Zihisa looked around realizing that there wasn't gonna be a direct access to the basement in this room. "How heavy do you think security is outside of the ballroom?" Talee asked.

Brynna made an unladylike, barely captain-like grunt. "Whatever it is, it's not enough. I'm getting us through it so we can check out that basement." It was the first solid "how" idea they'd had, so she damn well wasn't going to let it go by without being thoroughly investigated...

=/\= End Log =/\=

Captain Kleim, Ensign Zatyl, and Crewman Malena


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