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SD241806.24 || Joint Duty Log || "Where the Wild Things Are?"

Posted on Mon Jun 25th, 2018 @ 1:34am by Commander Anakah Lance & Commander Andrea Malone & Sergeant Victoria Dolan

Mission: Comedy of Errors

When Lance, Pilgrim and Kleim went their separate ways, Anakah scanned the large room to look for familiar faces. She felt like a fish out of water as she looked at the various people dressed in uniforms, or dressed as Klingons, Vulcans, Breen and other aliens she didn't even recognize. They were playing dress-up and letting their imaginations run free. It wasn't too different from playing in the holodeck, though these people didn't realize what they were imagining was reality for the crew of the Artemis.

Not too far from Lance, but far enough to not be in line of sight, Malone ran a hand through her hair as she looked around, "This feels like a bad dream and I just want to wake up." Another group of people passed, commenting about whether 'fighter pilots in Starfleet were canon or not.' None of it made sense to the WCO, but she hoped she and Dolan might find familiar faces soon. . .and better yet, figure a way back to the Artemis. "See anyone familiar?"

Vic made a quiet and vaguely offensive sound deep in her throat. Rising to her toes, the Marine took a long look around, spinning in a slow circle. She knew the faces of her fellow Marines the best of course, but she tried to recall other members of the crew. "Is that... Is that the XO?" she asked uncertainly.

Andrea looked in the direction indicated by Dolan, and at first didn't see anyone who looked familiar. Eventually, though, a crowd parted and she saw Lance looking around and looking about as lost as Spitfire felt. "Yeah, it is. Come on."

With a single nod, Vic followed the commander through the mob.

It was like running an obstacle course as the WCO tried to weave through the crowd. She kept her eyes on their intended target, hoping the first officer didn't disappear in the crowd. She and Dolan seemed to catch a break as the crowd parted once more, giving a clear path to the first officer.

Lance turned in a slow circle and saw the WCO and Dolan break through the crowd. Relief filled her as the pair approached, "Commander! Sergeant! It's good to see the two of you. The Captain is here, along with Major Pilgrim. We split up to see if we could find the rest of the crew. . .and if we can figure out how we got here. Have you two seen anyone else?"

Spitfire shook her head, "Not as of yet. We were kind of lucky to run into each other to begin with."

"Seconded," Dolan said, but she felt relief at the idea that the major was here somewhere. "But everyone should be here, given that announcement..." The Marine frowned slightly. "Unless some people got stuck outside?"

Anakah looked to the sergeant, "Outside. . .I hadn't thought about people getting stuck outside. Waking up here was confusing enough. Finding other crew members has been challenging enough, too."

Malone furrowed her brows, "Should we go look outside?"

Lance shook her head, "No. . .not just yet. The Captain wants to try and find as many crew as we can. I don't want to send anyone out from here with risk of not getting back in."

"Makes sense, sir," Dolan said with a nod. "Although we might reach a point where we have no choice. It sounds like when the mixer is over, everyone is expected to go to their rooms or homes...of which, we are far away from...but I doubt we can stay in the ballroom over night."

The first officer frowned, "I suspect you are right. Let's see if we can find our way back to the Captain. Maybe she's found others."

Spitfire scanned the room and nodded towards the far wall, "I think I see her over that way. Shall we?"

"Lead the way," Lance suggested.

End Log
Cmdr Anakah Lance
Cmdr Andrea 'Spitfire' Malone
Sergeant Vic Dolan


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