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SD241806.25 || PLOT CONCLUSION || "Deus Ex Machina"

Posted on Tue Jun 26th, 2018 @ 12:21am by Captain Brynhild Kleim

Mission: Comedy of Errors

He and She watched over their monitors as the crew of the USS Artemis gathered in the ‘mixer’ party and began speaking. The monitor would split between one view, then two, then fifty if they chose, all in response to a simple thought from one of the Twins. For the moment, they were focused on the conversation taking place between the captain, the engineer, and the technician.

“It looks like the half-breed is—”

“—one of the half-breeds—”

A sigh. “Yes, one of the half-breeds…is figuring out some of your plan. They are heading to the basement.”

He pursed his lips. “It was bound to happen,” He replied. “These Starfleet sorts have proven to be frequently and illogically ingenious. They usually seem to find their ways out of the most inaccessible of situations.”

She shrugged and waved one hand. “Well, you wanted a challenge, and it looks like you got one. They may well figure out your scheme and get home before even one gets kicked out of the building by security and sleeps on the street for the night.”

On the monitor, the tall captain made her way through the room to her first officer and they spoke briefly. The tones were too low for the Twins to hear without adjusting the audio, and both were too lazy to do so. They watched as the pair gathered a small group and found a way to get out of the ballroom.

In the hall, the chief engineer was found.

“Looks like he got free,” He commented. “Despite your best efforts.”

She sniffed as if it was of no concern. “The Device is hardly pinpoint in its accuracy. That we managed this size shift as well as this broad a scatter range is impressive, and that’s due to me. Not you.”

“What does it matter?” He said, although She knew that it bothered him.

“How much longer do we want to let this go on?” She asked.

“Let’s see if they get to the basement.”

* * *

Brynhild Kleim groaned as she woke up with a pounding headache, and a strange allotment of weight on her. She peeled open her eyes and saw…that she was part of a long pile of…people. It took her a few more moments to weed her gaze and hearing through the groaning mass to realize that it was her crew, and they were all in a stretched-out heap here in the flight deck and out into the corridor…

“What…the every living…fuck,” she groaned in a vary not-captain-like manner.


There was a near super-sonic shriek as the Artemis AI appeared weightlessly on top of her, a holographic form without form somehow embracing her without touch.

“I was so worried! EVERYONE JUST VANISHED!”

“We know,” Brynna said weakly, cautiously disentangling herself from the…legs of her first officer, she thought, and the arms of…she didn’t even know who that was. “I just have no idea how we got there, or how we got back.”

Artemis visibly pulled herself together while Brynna pressed herself to the wall and the small amount of free foot space on the floor below her.

“There is nothing on the ship’s scanners to explain it. It’s beyond anything we’ve seen before that we could identify, reminiscent of when the Q do things. One minute, business as usual. The next? Gone. Then one minute, panic. The next? You’re all back.”

“How long have we been gone?” Brynna asked uncertainly.

“Approximately one hour, sir.”

“What the fuck,” the captain groaned again. “Last thing I remember, we were going into the hotel’s basement…and we found that huge, strange device…and Ensign Zatyl and Commander Petrov started working, and then… Here.” She waved at the mass of crew getting to their unsteady feet.

The AI smiled with relief. “I’m just glad you’re back.”

Brynna smiled weakly. She was too, but… “I have no idea how I’m going to write this fucking report.”

=/\= End Log =/\=

OOC: This wraps the plot. Two to three weeks of downtime before the next more dark, dramatic plot because that’s clearly what y’all like best. ;)


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