SD 241806.26 || Joint Duty Log || "Moving On, Moving Up"

Posted on Tue Jun 26th, 2018 @ 5:17am by Captain Brynhild Kleim & Artemis & Lieutenant Prisai

Mission: Comedy of Errors
Location: Various Locations

Prisai was out of uniform used to working in an environment where Starfleet wasn't taking the lead rather a civilian team was. Next to her was a footlocker and several duffle bags as the blue shimmering light disappeared a tall slender female Vulcan. "Lieutenant Prisai. I need to see the commanding officer." She said simply to the NCO transporter specialist looking at her PDD (personal digital device).

"Of course lieutenant. The ensign here well take you to her." The transporter specialist said nodding to the security officer. "The quartermaster well make sure your belongings get to your quarters and office along with a itemized list." Prisai just gave the NCO a nod before following the security officer up to the bridge.

"Ma'am a lieutenant Prisai as arrived ands requested to meet with you." The ensign said leading the lieutenant up to the captain.

As it happened, the captain was quite literally just learning about her new science officer. Bureaucratic communications at their finest, that. The PADD in her hand told her about the Vulcan officer who was now standing right in front of her. She put on a polite smile. "Thank you, Ensign," she said with a nod of dismissal. "Commander Lance, you have the bridge."

Rising to her feet, she gestured to the ready room for the other woman to follow her. Once they entered, she said, "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. Have a seat."

Following the women into her office she took the offered seat. Giving a nod into response to the welcome Prisai waited for the usual "this is how are done here" spiel which she didn't mind intact it was more helpful than annoying.

Brynna walked around her desk and took her own seat then. "I'm afraid I'm only just learning about your assignment here," she said, holding up the PADD in her hand. "They've said they were going to send us a science officer for a while without doing so. I imagine you've learned a little of the Artemis. We are a border patrol vessel, so we don't have a full science department. We'll have you. But we run into enough strange things to need someone to analyze it. In fact, you may want to start with the events listed in my most recent report. It will be available to you once you log into our system."

"I have been able to read up on the type of vessel." Prisai said finding it interesting that they would actually want a science officer even if they did find something strange usually border patrol vessels just pushed up the food chain in their reports. "Actually I was granted access to reports before arriving looked like you had an interesting.......ummm adventure." Prisai said curious if she'll be running into anyone from the Temporal Disturbance office or if that department was still alive or not.

"Interesting is one way to put it," Brynna said wryly, looking down at the PADD in her hand to finish looking it over so she knew what was on it. "Well, here's one thing I doubt were in your reports." She looked up with a faint smile. "I'm to grant you a field promotion to full lieutenant, as you'll be part of the ship's senior staff."

There was no change to Prisai's expressionless face. It made sense she had hit the top of the ladder at her last assignment and she had the time put in for said promotion. "Thank you ma'am. So as for support staff there is none for the science department?"

Brynna nodded and set the PADD aside on her desk. "Correct," she said. "If you have need of some for a specific assignment, you can liaise with engineering or medical as needed. But you are otherwise the entirety of our science department."

Prisai nodded somewhat glad for that seeing as it would permit her with more time for research. "Do we have a place to set-up a potential hydroponics bay even if it's small?" Prisai added, "and if not hydroponics just a place to set-up a few pods for botany projects?"

"I imagine so, but there's one very quick way to tell," Brynna replied with a faint smile, then looked up at what would appear to be nothing to the Vulcan woman. "Artemis?"

A moment later, there was a shimmer in the air and then the silver-eyed, silver-haired woman in the rank-less uniform appeared. "Yes, Captain?" she asked pleasantly, then turned to see Prisai. She tilted her head and blinked a few times. "Oh, we have a science officer now! How lovely. I'm Artemis. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Even Prisai had to be impressed with the AI. Like with the captain she did a simple sodas a form of a greeting.

Artemis smiled affably and asked, "So, how can I help you today?"

"The lieutenant was wondering if there was any space on board for a hydroponics bay, or perhaps a few pods for botany projects."

"One moment," Artemis replied, tilting her head again as those silver eyes lost focus. Then she came back to herself and straightened up. "Well, despite the ship's design not being intended for a scientific vessel, she has been equipped with relevant facilities. Two science labs, small in size but present, are on deck twelve. One of these has your office inside of it. There is a secondary lab on deck thirteen and tertiary on deck fourteen. Any one of these could be retrofitted for such an endeavor. The space is at your discretion, Lieutenant, assuming you don't do anything to draw the ire of the engineering department," the AI informed her cheerfully.

"Thank you Artemis. And yes I'll keep in mind engineering when it comes to setting up the labs." Prisai said with a simple nod.

"I'm glad to help," the AI said. "Just call for me if you need me again. Captain." And with that, she blinked away.

Brynna chuckled quietly to herself. "You'll find that our artificial intelligence is not much like others out there, but it makes her distinctly us." She paused and then went on, "We will be here at spacedock for a little bit longer to recover and then setting out on patrol again. You can use this time to settle in, get to the know the ship and crew and so on. Do you have any other questions?"

"At the moment no." Prisai said simply realizing she was looking a huge adjustment coming up but it was something she needed if she wanted to move up in her career.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Captain Brynhild Kleim, Artemis AI, and Lieutenant Prisai (NPC apb StaySexy)